For you and your car



The personal life of the domestic microprocessor system clearly did not work out. It would seem that the character is even, he cooks perfectly, understands perfectly, but “did not work out, ” and that’s it. Uneducated fools are taken on long journeys, and the “learned fool” is bypassed - what to do with her in the forest if she faints?

Over the years, the springs are fed up - I wanted refinement and grace. The poor little thing sat up and started to shake, but the injection system turned out to be faster. Hopes for a love marriage finally collapsed - it remains to hope for the "old man" who wants to cheer up. For example, on the "Svyatora" with the "sixth" motor. The ignition systems laboratory at the Research Institute of Autoelectronics together with the Master-Motor company proposed its own version of “formalizing relations”.

To begin with, instead of a regular pulley, a gear set called “60 minus 2” is installed on the crankshaft (photo 1). Nearby fix the position and speed sensor. The heroes of the occasion are hiding in a "nook" (photo 2) - here the climate is better. Information about the vacuum in the intake manifold is fed through a flexible hose - the sensor is located inside the electronic unit. It remains to screw a pair of two output coils and connect the wires. You can go, but first make 130 cash at the cash desk. e.

How much how much? Yes, I’m for the money! .. Indeed, it’s a little expensive, but instead of “grandfather” they promise good energy, lifelong stability of characteristics and increased resistance to moisture and dirt. As premiums, hints are made on fuel economy and reduced toxicity. Unless, of course, the excited “old man” dies earlier from age-related diseases …

Such a pulley will be installed instead of the standard one.