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Eccentrics adorn the world. Eccentrics on the hunchbacked "Cossacks" - even more so. Well, not the whole world, but the old Lviv - that's for sure! The main Lviv holiday - City Day - is inconceivable without a hunchback parade and competitions.

Why did the ZAZ-Kazak fan club appear here 17 years ago? Its president, Zhenya Kravs, able to spend hours selflessly talking "around" ZAZ-965, called me the following reasons:

- In Lviv, "humpbacked" like a fish in water. The size corresponds to narrow streets, and the front torsion bar suspension is not afraid of our pavers. In addition, the engine "air intake" is not threatened by overheating. Thanks forever rainy summer.

Today in the city and the region on the move 54 "humpbacked". Of these, more than half - 28 - belong to club members. Kravs and his comrades stubbornly hunt for the rest, which unwittingly inflated the price. A little car ridiculed in countless jokes of the 60s, even in poor condition, they do not want to give for less than $ 300.

Club members are proud of:

- “Humpbacked” we have more than in Zaporozhye!

- And how old is the oldest?

- 39. And its owner - 19 …

Such clubs are usually created for mutual assistance in the search for components and parts, but this is not the main thing for Lviv residents. In the city, a specialized warehouse of spare parts for the "Cossacks" of all western Ukraine has been preserved, and the reserves there, according to Eugene, are still "mad". Therefore, "ZAZ-Cossack" can afford not to lock in the repair ditch. He has a lofty goal: not to let a truly popular car ingloriously sink into oblivion.

Club members are divided into "classics" and "modernists." The "classics" try to keep their ZAZ-965 in its original form, while the "modernists" give vent to tuning imagination. Their "Cossacks", no offense to the "classics", have the most noisy success with the audience. Someone made a convertible, someone put the Tavria engine, and there’s no need to talk about such ordinary things as spectacular coloring, spoilers, alloy wheels…

Without suffering an inferiority complex, ZAZ-Kazak participates in almost all rallies in Ukraine. It’s difficult to claim the prizes, but isn’t the approving laughter of the fans a reward? What can we say about the Ukrainians - even the Americans were delighted when the famous James Bond snooped around Leningrad on the "humpbacked" film!

Now ZAZ-Kazak is creating a kind of international: it has established contacts with fans of ZAZ-965 from Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk, Riga, Siauliai, Chisinau and is preparing the Golden Horseshoe international rally congress. The route will pass through three ancient castles of western Ukraine, and the slogan will be as simple as the truth: “Humpbacked” of all countries, unite!

And what? Five countries to start with - not bad at all …

More information about the upcoming rally and other affairs of the club can be found on the Internet at