Exhibitions, salons


In Rostov-on-Don, occupying one

from the first places in Russia in the number of cars per capita, two automobile exhibitions were held at once.


“And why are these provincial exhibitions needed? - the skeptic will say. “What is interesting about them?”

Yes, just a car dealership is not only the noisy debuts of new products. It is also the joy of human contact with modern technology, and the possibility of business communication.

Apparently, that's why regional car dealerships in Russia are coming into fashion. Only this year they were held by more than a dozen in different cities of the country. It is important not to overdo it: in Rostov, for example, this year two exhibitions were held, and even almost simultaneously! Donavto, organized with the participation of AFM Holding, and Avtoformula, supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation and the administration of the Rostov Region. And although the organizers unexpectedly staged a Donavto just a week before the second exhibition, there were a lot of people willing to participate in the Autoformula. In any case, the exhibition area was five times larger than at Donavto.

In the central streets of Rostov, on the opening day, the orchestra solemnly marched with a banner: “Everything is on the Autoformula!” Exhibition Center "Business Art" tried to make the car show a real sight: flags, music, contests and prizes from the organizers, a large number of participants. There were dealers of "Volkswagen" and "Renault", "Mercedes" and "Toyota", "Ford" and "Skoda". All of them presented cars of 1999–2000 model years.

If a couple of years ago, expensive models used the most attention of the exhibition visitors - people were constantly crowding around the Lexus and Mercedes, then this year the interest of motorists was more pragmatic. They tried on a new range of Renault - Megan and Scenic. They tried on - the first copies of cars were bought in the first hours (!) Of the exhibition. The relatively affordable models of Ford, Skoda and Volkswagen also enjoyed success with potential buyers.

But Volkswagen-New Beatle is exotic for Rostovites. It is rumored that for the second year it has served as a "backdrop" for photographing - there are no buyers. This year, the dealer of the German company also set up the Bora model, which was reminiscent of an aquarium because of the backlight, which was “pecked” by spectators who were idly curious.

There was something to see not only motorists. Representatives of the regional and district administrations watched with interest the miracles that the Bob Cat mini-tractor did - such would be on city streets. We also discussed the conditions for the supply of buses to the region: fortunately, the six joint ventures that produced them and the good old LiAZ participated in the exhibition.

Among the exhibitors there were many Russian manufacturers, including those from the Rostov Region, where 50 engineering enterprises are located. The stands of companies providing services and services for motorists expanded. Of great interest were the cards for refueling at the gas station (soon, apparently, they will enter the everyday life of Rostovites), an unusually wide selection of tools, equipment and supplies.