Hold the thief!

Well, take away your suitcase!

There is no driver who has not suffered (at least indirectly) from car thieves.


This story happened to one of the authors a few years ago. Good company gathered in the movies. Leaving the car in the parking lot, they locked all the doors, turned on the security system, the driver personally put a "poker" on the steering wheel. Needless to say, we took a radio tape recorder, a lady’s handbag, a “diplomat” suitcase with us. Do you know what we did not find after two hours in the open salon? Newspapers "Seven Days"! And … the Baby covered by her washing machine. She was bought an hour before the movie show and, of course, was not dragged into the hall.

Let this incident be included in the annals of forensic science as an extra confirmation of the gloomy truth taken out in the subtitle. As a warning, we present two typical scenarios of robbery in the automobile.


This "elegant" way of taking money is based on distraction: theft takes place right before your eyes. Her object is a driver, weary of expectation and willingly making contact.

Girl. She is sitting. Hot. Appears … no, not a frosted bottle. Pay attention to the man in sunglasses and a cap. Allegedly, he is walking around along the cars, peering into the salons. Luck! In the back seat of the Quartet lies a handbag, and the frivolous young lady left the door unlocked.

“Girl, tell me how to get to Kutuzovsky” - a few minutes later the passenger of the braking Nexia distracts the attention of a charming driver.

The "slow-witted" interlocutor gets out of the car: his goal is to lure the mistress of the "four", providing Kepka with some freedom of action. What he uses, half bent to the door.

Unsuspecting girl more and more carried away by the conversation. What is needed is not Kutuzovsky himself, but a side street with a quiet restaurant, into which “why don't we go together?” Meanwhile, the door of the Quartet opens …

… and Cap, seizing the prey, "tears the claws." The young lady, having chatted, still does not suspect her new status - the victim.

The conversation abruptly ends - The slow-witted, handsome man turns away, leaving his interlocutor in English. The girl looks at him in disbelief.

And Cap is already pulling the door handle that turned around the corner of the “nine”. Please note that it is impossible to identify it, since the rear number plate has been prudently removed.

Doors slam - and cars start almost simultaneously. Only here does the girl understand: something was wrong. Ahhh! There is no handbag … Can it be that Nexia and the quiet restaurant are part of a single scheme? Alas - yes, they will explain the victim to the police station popularly …

Small parts and accessories, such as radio panels, speakers, wheels - work for beginners or, so to speak, random thieves, hooligan elements and drug addicts. These will break the glass of the watch at five in the morning, take the first little thing that comes from the “glove compartment”, and then they will be sold at the market with the risk of getting caught.

Professionals on trifles do not exchange. Pay attention to the coherence and preparation of car thieves. A well-equipped team of 4-10 people works on several machines. The "Operation" is carefully prepared and worked out: for the sake of a wallet or purse, professionals are ready to spend more than one hour, burn half a tank of gasoline, sacrifice several potential "customers" for the sake of their own safety. It is very difficult to catch them: for example, it is almost impossible to prove the involvement of the same Nexia in the theft …


It is not at all necessary to blab the owner and take risks, stealing in his presence. The sad truth: to accurately open an unattended car (any one!), With known dexterity, a few seconds are enough.

Normal city parking. The brand new “four”, picking up the alarm, remains to wait for the owner at the cafe.

The absent-minded owner is in such a hurry to get acquainted with the menu that he forgets a purse bag on the seat … which is immediately spotted by a “random passer-by”. Peering casually at an institution, he is convinced that the owner of the station wagon is seriously and for a long time carried away by a meal.

After a couple of minutes, a foreign car arrived and landed the main character. Without delay, the character goes to the "four" and, not really lurking, puts a simple instrument to the door lock.

One sharp movement - the car is open!

The neighborhood announces howling alarms. A worried car owner rises from the table in a cafe … Quickly grabbing a bag, the bear cub rushes away from the source of noise …

… and he is picked up by an inconspicuous car that was standing nearby all this time (a triggered siren gave her a start signal). The runaway owner of the VAZ 2104 can only swindle the rapidly retreating attackers. In the scene played out as if by notes, his role is insignificant - at the level of “eat served!” …

HOW TO Avoid Thieves

(reminder vigilant motorist)

Make it a rule to never leave anything in the cabin, even leaving the car “for a moment”. Take with you, or at least take out your suitcase, radio, jacket.

Do not take the attention that a random onlooker gives the car as a compliment to your taste and accuracy - it is better to scare a possible gunner with a panic alarm mode.

Try to keep the doors locked - even if you yourself are in the cabin or in the immediate vicinity of the car.

In the parking lot, leave the car so that it is clearly visible (and heard) - both to you and others.

The most “thieves'” time is not night at all, but the second half of Friday, when rushing summer residents, parked at shops, throw in their cars radio tape recorders, bags, jackets.

Areas of increased danger, where cars are opened more often than in other places, are large spontaneous parking where cars leave for a long time: at markets, large shops, cinemas, etc.