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The column materials were prepared by Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Mikhail GZOVSKIY


Traffic accidents were completely simulated in the latest Volvo Passive Safety Laboratory.

Recently, the Swedes completed the construction of the latest security center, the main attraction of which is a unique crash laboratory, where the test conditions are as close as possible to the real traffic situation. The secret lies in the construction of the laboratory building: it includes two accelerating paths with a length of 154 and 108 m, respectively, which “meet” in the hall with a ceiling height of 14.5 m. Moreover, one of the tracks is made … turning! Moving to an angle of up to 90 degrees with respect to the second, static, it allows cars to collide at different angles, varying tests from frontal to side collisions. The six-hundred-ton movable track rises to a height of 0.1 mm with … 20 airbags! Cars that have to pass the test are connected with steel cables to electric motors, they will drag the cars towards each other, using their heroic 24, 509 liters. with. In order not to miss and push “objects” in exactly the appointed place, with a strictly defined speed and relative position, laser equipment was used here: it allows you to verify the position of the machines with millimeter accuracy.

Of course, tests using the concrete barrier have already become traditional. They are carried out on a fixed track: an 850-ton block is rolled out onto it, again on an air cushion. The same track is used for the test, during which the car makes a “backflip” through the roof. In general, there are many options. For example, these are also possible: a car starts moving from the center of a building along a moving track and ends its path, “flying away” into an impromptu ditch or crashing into a rock. Everything that happens is recorded by video and photo equipment, capable of producing up to 3000 shots per second. To remove what is happening below, under the floor of the laboratory (it is made of seven layers of special reinforced glass), equipment and lighting equipment are also placed.