Exhibitions, salons


The August service record has replenished with one more default: foreign automakers decided to ignore the Moscow Motor Show-2000.

The main paradox of MIMS-2000 is that the total number of new products seems to grow.


Actually, not all brands were presented before, and last year there was even no General Motors stand. Now they have agreed: the European Business Club recommended its members to refrain from annual participation in Moscow exhibitions. The main reasons for this press release are too often and too expensive. Mounting your stand on Krasnaya Presnya costs 300-400 thousand dollars. By a simple division by the number of sold new cars of any make, we get several hundred “standard units”. So much will have to be added to the price of the car to make participation in the exhibition economically viable. Oh yes, you can still work for the future, demonstrate the advantages to your competitors the day after tomorrow … You can, but if we are talking about a very distant future, you do not have to do it every year.

“And then, nobody, nobody?” - a potential visitor to MIMS-2000 will ask dejectedly. “Renault!” - the organizers of the exhibition will answer. The company collaborates with Moskvich JSC, a joint Avtoframos has long gathered the first Meganes. Almost a Russian company! We tried to find out about the models of the Renault exhibition - after all, the third-largest stand was 500 m2. Useless. The only thing that spokesman Ian Dorizon said is that there will be premieres. We are waiting for the end of August.

But there are other joint ventures - say, the Kaliningrad Avtotor, which collects BMW cars. “Alas, the cars are essentially German, and therefore will not be exhibited.” It’s a shame, though - both customs privileges, Russian cars, and expenses for the exhibition … However, you couldn’t expect new BMW products anyway, and whoever wants to see these cars should come to dealerships. By the way, official dealers in the motor show are also not recommended to participate.

Daimler-Chrysler, in obedience to the general impulse, will not bring new products to Moscow. But a couple of months ago I took a stand … at the Nizhny Novgorod exhibition-fair. This is a trick! Stands in the Lower, of course, cheaper than Krasnopresnensky. Even from foreigners there is a chance to see unless Korean cars, and even then - at the time of writing the material the issue was not resolved. And before that - has just been bought "Daewoo" …

Having finished with a few representatives of the foreign automobile industry, we turn to our brands. Here there is where to take a walk - huge stands, many models and copies. Say, a VAZ will bring 36 different cars. Counting with trucks, GAZ will not be far behind. Even the outsider in recent years, Moskvich, who missed the previous exhibition, is strenuously preparing his exposition. Which of the well-known new products are worth noting?

The Volga Automobile Plant made the main bet on Kalina. The main novelty is the 1118 sedan (read about it in the same issue). An unbiased observer would have noted the undoubted influence of Opel in the design of the car, but we will call it quite proportional and harmonious. Another - all-wheel drive station wagon based on 2111. Two years ago, the magazine “Behind the Wheel” conducted a survey - what type of cars are most attractive to our drivers. Among the leaders was just the passenger-and-freight 4x4. And now - almost a sensation: the leadership of the VAZ plans to put the model on the conveyor! Well, then the matter remains with the time and price. There will be at VAZ’s stand a whole brood of cars based on the new Niva VAZ 2123, as well as a kind of “layout in a tree” about which so far nothing is known, even the model index.

Nizhny Novgorod promise to show several interesting new products, including Ataman II, a stranger to the general public. In fact, a plastic model of the car was expected last year, at the Russian Motor Show, but something went wrong at American customs (the bodywork was made in the USA) and he did not keep up with the exhibition. But this is still a very distant concept from production, which will go into production at best in about five years. Among other developments, we note the likelihood of the appearance of the again conceptual "Gazelle II". The principal news is the supporting body! Still, sooner or later we’ll catch up with Transit …

The most interesting rumors were generated by Moskvich. For six months now, here and there appears information about the "full-size limousine" or simply "large sedan." In early July, the clay model was approved by the plant’s management, so by the end of August we have a chance to see the car “in the metal”. The V6 engine is likely to be provided by Renault.

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant continues to experiment with the base length, track gauge, as well as the “mini-van” direction. AMO "ZIL" has recently been working on a new project of a "state" limousine, perhaps he will be in time for the exhibition.

One way or another, the conceptual developments of domestic plants this year are more likely to be noted. However, the exhibition is not limited to cars. And here is a paradox: most of the foreign manufacturers of repair equipment, consumables, and components chose not to ignore the interior, and many brought interesting news. And the recommendations of the business club did not stop: there are sales, there is a turnover, and therefore, the question of presence is resolved unambiguously - to be!

For the fourth year in a row, the German Univex Autotaille has been demonstrating spare parts for buses, trucks and special equipment, including Webasto heaters and Elring rings.

Gamma Group, representing Quaker State lubricants, is a regular in Moscow salons: it has been participating in them seven times already. An addition at the stand: now, after the Quaker State is merged with another leader, Pennzoil, products of this brand will be exhibited.

The Warta Autobattery GmbH company will present at the exhibition a new series of Blue Dynamic Silvercalcium batteries. Traffic jams are now completely eliminated: the batteries are completely maintenance free, but they can work 20% longer. This is the merit of the latest lead-calcium alloy.

The ZM-Russia company is preparing some kind of novelty for each exhibition. This time it’s the wedge circles “Clean and Strip HT Perple”. They are for preparing surfaces for painting, and due to the resistance of the cutting edges and the volumetric porous structure, they are much safer and more productive than wire circles and brushes.

The DIOL company, representing the well-known shock absorber manufacturer in Russia - the Bilstein company, will show the latest model of the Bilstein PPS shock absorbers, which are adjustable both in terms of ground clearance and rebound / compression forces. Originally designed for sports, these products are now available to ordinary drivers.

For the first time, VTM LLC is participating in the salon. It, together with the STC JSC AvtoVAZ, has developed a series of Lada-Standard engine oils.

For the first time, the Italian company Beta Color, one of the leaders among manufacturers of materials for repair and painting works, is participating in the exhibition.

Among the regulars of the Moscow exhibition is Robert Bosch. It should be noted that Duraterm-Chromium glow plugs with a doubled service life, as well as Queen Clip wiper blades are on display at the firm.

The Swedish AVA Group does not spray power: its specialization is clamps and fittings for hoses, electrical wiring and gas exhaust systems. It is interesting that the clamps from ABA are delivered to UAZ and ZMZ.

JSC “Koivunen”, one of the largest wholesale companies selling spare parts, is not new to Moscow exhibitions. This time, the main novelty is the electronic parts catalog, replacing 20 volumes of printed catalogs.

This year, the Kirov Tire Plant planned to develop and prepare for production 12 new tire models, visitors to the KShZ stand will see them.

Automobile and Medical Diagnostics CJSC has been specializing in stands for checking wheel alignment angles for 10 years. At MIMS-2000, for the first time, a domestic stand with a closed measurement loop will be presented, more accurate and convenient to use than its predecessors.