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The column materials were prepared by Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV, Mikhail GZOVSKIY


Filtering elements made of wire-permeable materials will compete with ceramic and polymer.

The habit of saving on matches is ineradicable. We repair the non-repairable, my indelible, use the unusable, and then we are surprised - how it broke, bent and twisted. They replaced the ceramic filter of the pneumatic brake system, sintered from the balls, brought to the handle with a washed be-u. And the ball breaking away from it wanders, wanders through the system, and it will fall into the valve assembly. Is it far from an accident? A filter based on wire-permeable materials can eliminate such troubles. It is made using special stainless steel technology. The design provides low hydraulic and aerodynamic resistance, high elasticity - the filters do not crumple when clogged, and to restore the element, it is enough to burn it!

Owners of cars equipped with Bosch and Lucas fuel injection systems will already be able to test disposable nozzle filters made of non-corrosive copper wire in gasoline.

The lawmaker of “wire fashion” in Russia is the Moscow company REAM-RTI, known for its rubber products that are resistant to the coffered effect.