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Rain sensors, computers are good for a "tricked out" Mercedes. What remains to the owners of the domestic “classic”?


Yes, it would be nice if the “janitors” themselves knew when to turn on the mode, how much washer fluid should be applied to the glass … Thanks to the efforts of the Moscow company NTF “Deca”, this became quite real even for “Zhiguli” and “gazelles” deprived of electronic intelligence, "Volga" …

In appearance, this is a normal wiper and washer control relay, and it turns on instead of the standard one in the relay unit or in the standard connector hanging on the bundle. But under the plastic case there are more than one thousand transistors, tightly packed in a chip chip.

…It's starting to rain. We habitually distort the wiper lever up and down, allowing the brush to make one double stroke. After a while, the glass is again covered with drops, but now we just turn on the intermittent mode. The pause will be automatically equal to the one that has passed since the first sweep of the "wipers".

We leave on the avenue. Dirt from under the wheels of neighboring cars quickly deprives the glass of transparency. There is nothing to be done, it is necessary to wash. We turn on the washer and give the “janitors” one to three strokes, as needed. Now automation has remembered our actions and in the future will itself repeat them with each movement of the lever “on itself”.

Moreover, a smart relay is able to feel the increased load from the movement of the brushes on dry glass and independently change the mode.

At the present time, the price of the IRU-CO relay is quite affordable - 150-200 rubles. depending on the version, installation on a domestic car will not require contacting specialists. With foreign cars will have to tinker longer - the wiring diagram and standard relays they have are different.

Relays for "Gazelle", "Samara", "tens."