Car from the store


The front-wheel-drive station wagon VAZ-2111 as a whole is a worthy replacement for the fairly outdated “four”. Unfortunately, the pause between buying this car and starting operation may be too long.


First, about the choice, or rather about the illusions associated with it. Together with your consulting friends, you can spend at least one day on the observation deck of the store, and still there is no guarantee that you will buy a car of acceptable quality. In addition to the defects typical for the entire “tenth” family, each instance is ready in the near future to plant its own ones, which are unique to it. Moreover, even a specialist is unable to predict what and when will fall off.

In such a lottery it is better to hope for luck. First determine what color you like. Look for dents and scratches on the body of the chosen one. Check if the engine, gearbox and brakes are working. Enough. Spit over your left shoulder, knock on the tree, if you believe, cross yourself and go to the cashier. Now the main thing. It is naive to believe that the new VAZ-2111 is ready for operation. Owning a wagon and driving it, as they say, are two big differences.

Painted in blue metallic VAZ-2111 (VIN XTA-211100Y0023549, body No. 0023549, engine No. 0147488) safely got from the store to the editorial office on its own. While there was a fuss with registration in the traffic police, I began to "triple" the motor. The epic has begun.

ENGINE. It turned out to be a trifle to return a failed cylinder to service - defective regular candles were thrown out. In addition to their reluctance to set fire to the air-fuel mixture, they suffered a re-grading: some had the label “FER”, and others had “FER”. Now, in their place, the company kit “Take 14R-7 DUX” is working. As soon as the engine came to life, the defects of the cooling system got out. Numerous leaks are still half the trouble, boiling "Tosol" - much worse. The fan turned on after fluid began to boil in the expansion tank. As a result, after each operation, a solid portion of antifreeze was squeezed out through the cork. The reason is the curved neck of the expansion tank with a torn thread did not ensure the tightness of the system. We bought a new tank with a cork. Along the way, eliminated and leak. Their culprits were regular clamps with sharp edges that mutilated a good half of the hoses in a short time. So we strongly recommend that the owners of "ten" to replace the factory clamps (all to one!) With imported ones before the start of operation. During this operation, ruthlessly reject already torn hoses. Particular attention is paid to the “return” of the heater - the one with the plastic tee. Better to spend money and torment once, than regularly patch holes in the way.

Another nuisance - I ordered a long dipstick to control the oil level in the crankcase. It was worth pulling for it, as the metal part was in the hands, and the sealing gum … remained in place.

Showdown with the engine decided to end by measuring the toxicity of exhaust gases. Ecology exam car failed successfully. The attempt to adjust also failed. The CO potentiometer was simply absent. We forgot to install it at the factory or stole it later - we don’t know. We spent on a new one, but now our station wagon is extremely environmentally friendly.

CHASSIS. At the first sharp braking, the front tires began to scrape along the arches. You won’t be surprised at this - a sure sign of broken wheel alignment, and especially of the castor. The visit to the toe-camber stand confirmed the assumption: the collapse of the left wheel is + 1 ° 14 ', the right one is + 0 ° 20' at a rate of 0 ° ± 30 '; castor - + 0 ° 36 'on the left and + 0 ° 45' with a tolerance of 1 ° 30 '± 30'; convergence of 2.2 mm with a standard of 0 ± 1 mm. In short, complete confusion and reeling. Today, the lack of angle adjustment as such is very characteristic. But the loose nuts on the front hubs are something new. In any case, on our station wagon they could be rotated by hand. Well, noticed on time. The shock absorber control stand was pleased - all four are operational. But the diagnostic brakes did not add optimism - only the handbrake worked without complaints. Now the chassis is in order, but this, as you know, required additional investments of forces and means.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT. There are far fewer surprises than expected. Does the regular immobilizer not work? Well, God be with him! It’s less likely that the car will get somewhere far from home. Have you ever tried to delve into the procedure for alternative engine starting in case of failure of the factory anti-theft system? In vain! Read the instructions and have fun - you won’t understand without a bottle.

Turns on the fuel gauge. Well, and what, in what, tell me, to a domestic machine, it is sinless. Are the lights shining anywhere? We pay a little bit and adjust on the optical stand. If there is absolutely no money left, draw a target on the fence and adjust it yourself. But the generator that fell off on the go is a serious matter. Although, why on earth did he have to hang as if nothing had happened only on the upper support? For some reason, they forgot to put a bolt with a set of bushings for fixing the generator to the lower support. They built a temporary mount and got to the publisher. In a couple of days, we got the scarce parts - now ride as much as you want, the generator sits like a glove.

SALON, ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT. The spacious trunk and interior, folding in parts of the back seat - almost the main trump cards of the "eleventh". But here, too, malfunctions awaited us. The fifth door was too restless - from time to time it opened on the go. We conjured with the castle - the defect disappeared, but then another appeared. Exhaust fumes through the cracks in the rear of the body began to fall into the cabin. I had to re-adjust the fifth door along the opening, and in the lower part to glue an additional seal. The front passenger seat delivered a lot of trouble - the longitudinal adjustment mechanism did not work. Stubbornly did not want to move in the guides and the right rear head restraint.

What else? There is a defective area on the black raster of the windshield, which someone tried to tint with a brush and smudged it in a hurry. The standard tool kit is a frank marriage: metal crumbles in your hands like cheap plastic.

But the funniest surprise is, of course, the shelf behind the rear seats. As soon as the spring sun began to warm, this "Snow Maiden" … melted! Hot rays softened the shelf, it flowed under its own weight and fell into the trunk. And then it hardened again in the night cool, curving forever, like a pagoda roof.

Probably, many had the impression that our "eleventh" is not a car, but a bunch of defects. In fact, it is neither better nor worse than others. We cured the listed set of childhood diseases for the first thousand kilometers of run. Now the VAZ-2111 is working properly and does not particularly bother. The results of our measurements showed that the characteristics of the machine are close to those declared by the plant (see table).

So, new VAZ cars of the "tenth" family in general and station wagons in particular require a thorough revision before operation. If, on hot pursuit, it was not possible to find a marriage, you should not assume that you came across a good instance. Most likely, you just inattentively searched. In any case, we have not yet seen the perfectly assembled “ten”.

Hub nuts are not tightened.

Defective spark plugs are a source of engine interruptions.

The cooling system is faulty, the generator has fallen off.

The rear seat headrest is jammed.

The rear shelf melted in the sun.

When braking, the front wheels rub the arch.