Fleet ZR


Model - VAZ 2131; manufacturer - AvtoVAZ; year of manufacture - 1995; in operation "Behind the wheel" - since November 1995; mileage at the time of the report - 100 thousand km; previous publications - ZR, 1996, No. 5, 9; 1997, No. 2, 6; 1998, No. 6.

Alexander BUDKIN

This incredible story happened in the midst of country-harvest strada-99. In the early morning, taking with him half a dozen vital bags, he was on the road. The long-wheelbase Niva, nicknamed the "steam locomotive, " dutifully waited at the entrance … on four flat wheels. Wow, these … bullies! There is nothing to do, I’m waiting for a neighbor and in his car for two calls I drive the wheels to the nearest tire service. But when, renewed, they “wound” about fifty kilometers, one of them again lowered. Began to change - oh horror, all four are “poisoned" - hacky vulcanization! The day was lost.

This could, of course, happen with any other model, but I remembered about it because 100 thousand is not just another, but a very round date in the life of the car, when deviations from the usual “when and what failed” are allowed. However, the anniversary report cannot do without it.

Over 48 thousand km, passed after the last report, the car had to be repaired often. Most of all the hassle was delivered to the chassis and transmission. Both axles of the rear axle were replaced: on the 60th thousand - on the right, on the 67th - on the left. It's too early for the Niva. On the 60th and 90th thousand adjusted, and on the 100th replaced the bearings of the front wheel hubs. On the 70th thousand he ordered the CV joint, connecting the box with the "razdatku", to live for a long time. By the 80th thousand, I began to beat out fourth gear again. Recall, the first time this malfunction appeared on the 48th thousand and forced to sort out the gearbox (ЗР, 1998, No. 6). Now they decided to postpone the repair of the box. But they didn’t put up with another defect: when the bearing of the intermediate support of the propeller shaft began to complain about the hard life, the support was replaced immediately. Soon, the time came for ball bearings (at the 84th thousand) and front shock absorbers (at the 90th). Without further ado, put Skopinsky at 90 rubles. a piece.

Now about the brake system. At the 56th thousand, she recalled herself, demanding to tighten the parking brake cable. A little later, on the 74th, I took out 520 rubles from my pocket: 60 - for the purchase of the left front brake cylinder, 380 - for the purchase of front discs and 80 - for the front brake pads. At the 88th thousand, the car wished to replace both rear cylinders, and by the 98th, it took for granted the next set of front pads.

Electrician. On the 56th thousand it was necessary to replace the fuse and the coolant temperature sensor, on the 67th - put a new set of spark plugs, on the 70th thousand - the generator and battery (the last five years), on the 90th - high-voltage wires and another set of candles.

Of course, there were several scheduled maintenance with the replacement of oils and filters, adjustment of ignition and clearances in the valve mechanism, but they do not deserve a description. We have already talked about the most interesting emergency situation (with tires). There was one more. From under the truck driving ahead … spring. It was possible to dodge it, but not without loss: the piece of iron nevertheless landed in the rear left wing (see photo). The resulting hole complemented the already large list of body problems associated with its majesty corrosion. So the hole appeared in the back was not the first and, unfortunately, not the last.

The round date, voluntarily or involuntarily, makes you think about the meaning of life … a car, of course. Over the years spent in the editorial office, the car changed several owners, giving them sometimes diametrically opposite moods. From the optimistic “our“ locomotive “fly forward …” to the decadent “wait, “ locomotive ", don't knock the wheels …". Fragments of both songs perfectly described the condition of the car. Being absolutely serviceable, he asks for a long journey - preferably in a straight line. The long base, giving the car an uncharacteristic usual “Niva” appeal, has little to recklessness or figured driving. When the car breaks down … did you remember the song? Problems most often with wheels, tires or other elements of the chassis. This is where the “locomotive” has a weak spot. But here is also the strength of the long-base “Niva”. The owner of a summer cottage, to which there is no normal road, a large four-wheel drive car causes a lot of positive emotions.