Through the eyes of the owner


“Why do you need this rattletrap? It’s not drawn to the antique dealer, it’s not the same age, but I would have taken something more modern for driving! ”My friends told me. But I always dreamed only of him - "one hundred and fifteenth" "Mercedes" …

Vladislav KAPORIN

For twenty years I rode the Muscovites, having tried all their models from “four hundred and twelve” to “forty-first.” Twenty years of permanent repair … The accumulated experience and the natural earthy color of the palms made it possible to hope that in which case I could go out any, even the most "killed" foreign car. And at the end of 1996, I realized: it's time!

They say that the dreams of youth must certainly be fulfilled. Especially since mine was just around the corner - only 1800 dollars. That is exactly what the author of the newspaper ad for the 1970 Mercedes-W115 requested. In slight excitement, I went to the bride.

A dilapidated symbol of a bygone era lonely nestled at a transformer booth. The sad look of his vertical headlights swept through nostalgic memories: the dream car of my student years …

Negotiations with the owner did not take much time, and we shook hands.

Having driven the car to the house, I made it a thorough “medical examination” - everything was examined absolutely, to the last light.

BODY. As it turned out, he underwent a thorough repair: instead of the rusted ones, new thresholds and large sections of the bottom were welded, and very carefully, in good conscience. I never dreamed of finding a whole twenty-five-year-old W115 - such cars are already a rarity, and not only here.

The outer coating needed restoration, but I painted the Mercedes with one-component Finnish enamel, which many owners of used cars use, I considered an insult to the famous brand. I had to take some money (fortunately, it was a year before the crisis) and, just like the “new Russian”, came to the company car service, where my “one hundred and fifteenth” was painted with two-component acrylic enamel. When the Mercedes was rolled out of the drying chamber and the bottomless dark blue surface of its hood drowned my mind, I realized that it was not in vain to dump 800 bucks …

Plastic upholstery panels were covered with expensive furniture fabric to match the exterior color, and home-made polished wood inserts further emphasized the sophistication of the interior. The windows that "soured" from long immobility were smeared with "Fiol" - now any new Russian car will envy their smoothness and noiselessness. By happy coincidence, plastic fenders from GAZ 3102 9 / "> GAZ 31029 approached the wheel arches of W115 - only slightly cut them in place.

ENGINE. The four-cylinder, 2.2-liter, despite a complete set of senile diseases, struck with fantastic survivability and reliability. Without problems, starting in the cold, he, smoking and coughing, pulled the car … on two cylinders! Two candles were desperately bombarded … with brake fluid - it was sucked into the intake manifold from the brake servo. It happened to me at the Muscovites, but so that here … I looked closely - the numbers on the main brake cylinder were painfully familiar: 412 -… Landing dimensions coincide with the Muscovite ones, so the old owner could not resist - he committed sacrilege .. Having removed the “foreign body”, I bought a Mercedes second-hand cylinder for $ 15, and since then the Rosa fluid has not left the brake circuit, and the engine has been working “on all four”.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that the other Mercedes malfunctions were mainly related to the incompetent or hacky invasion of car repairmen. For example, I did not expect a sudden death of the engine - the unhurried pace of its extinction allowed us to hope another fifty thousand. But suddenly the connecting rod of the third cylinder pounded - the liners broke. It turned out that during the overhaul, the neck of the crankshaft was "loosened", and the collector, without thinking twice, put a "footcloth" - metal foil under the inserts (it’s good that it’s not a newspaper …).

Here, by the way, for $ 350 turned up a 2.3-liter engine, shot from a broken Mercedes-W123. He approached my "one hundred and fifteenth" perfectly, however, I had to cut a couple of tides on a aluminum sump with a chisel - they touched the suspension beam.

Taught by bitter experience, he immediately arranged a revision of the motor: what if he was in “skillful” hands? The results were terrified. The camshaft sprocket was screwed to the flange with the back, so the chain, curving to the side, worked only on one row of teeth! It remained to be wondered what would have happened earlier: an open circuit or a chain-cut through a shirt on a block head … Oil scraper caps dangled freely on the valve stems, the flywheel rumbled at the first turns of the starter, shaking the whole car - its mounting bolts to the crankshaft were hand-cranked. ..

Nevertheless, the barbarians failed to screw the motor. I put it in order and henceforth I will not let other people's hands into the car for a cannon shot.

TRANSMISSION. All units, including a four-speed manual gearbox, are apparently indestructible - they have been working flawlessly for 28 years now.

CHASSIS. You will appreciate its longevity precisely after years - the domestic automobile industry even now has not grown to the Mercedes of the 1968 model. The suspension of all wheels is independent on the most powerful oblique and wishbones with stabilizers. The beams of impressive size on which they are mounted are attached to the body subframes through rubber pads. All brake calipers are native. Do not wedge or flow.

ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT is all native and works perfectly.