For the first time in the Russian championship in circuit racing in the national class, the 1600 is participating in the fair sex.

Mikhail Gorbachev

“Of course, auto racing is a lesson for men, ” says Maria Rumyantseva. - In Russia, the girls never went to the "formula". And I … I am a journalist, I run the Sport Courier sports program on Ren TV. Alexander Potekhin, the head of one of the racing teams, suggested driving two or three stages behind the wheel of this formula. I started training, something started to work out - I was offered to participate in the championship. How do you refuse this? Moreover, getting behind the wheel of a racing car is my old dream.

Masha had nothing to do with ring races, but she rode in jeeps and even participated in rally raids. Alpine skiing, snowboarding also captivate her. At the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle, I enjoyed the successful overcoming of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There are other emotions on the “formula”: you enjoy the speed - the feeling of flying, almost getting off the ground.

Of course, not everything is so easy, especially to a woman. The formula is, among other things, a very serious load on the hands - the steering wheel is small, and the efforts are very large. Training helps - Masha is also a master of sports in athletics. At first, a problem arose with gear shifting - even bent the lever, “stuck” it with such force. It turned out that you need to switch something very smoothly, with a lever to handle feminine gentle.

At high speed all the time it seems that you do not have time to brake in time before turning. We must learn to catch these moments, to understand the nuances. For example, when you pass a turn, the most important thing is to develop maximum speed at the exit from it.

Each time you understand: this is not the limit, it can be even faster, more and more … But at some point the car begins to “endure”. The skill lies precisely in finding the line when you can ride in corners with the highest possible speed for you and not be afraid of it.