Presentation of the VAZ-1118


The task of the Chief this time was somewhat puzzling. To make material about the VAZ-1118 Kalina, which will be presented at the Moscow Motor Show. And what is there to write when a year ago (ZR, 1999, No. 8) everything was already written. Well, they gave her … sorry, trunk. Not a great topic! But, as our photographer says, if you do not want to shoot, you need to start shooting, and then it will go on itself. So it is here: they started with a new body and slowly found out that the machine had changed quite significantly over the year. And the topic

everything is just like that.


The first change, and probably the most important thing (let's call it “political”): finally I had the chance to hear something intelligible about the fate of the car. Kalina is planned to be mass-produced. The announced deadline is the end of 2004. The wait, of course, is a long time, but it is still better than uncertainty. The sedan should appear first, then the hatchback and finally the station wagon - this type of body is also planned in the family (probably, we are disclosing a big VAZ secret ?!).

This concludes with politics and move on to technology. Let's start with the body. The main change - of course, the trunk. Its volume in the sedan will be no less than that of the cars of the "eighth" family. They also told us the planned number, but asked “not to disclose” - it suddenly doesn’t work out. The figure is good, it would be better. The trunk lid opens very wide and does not interfere with loading. Although tall still touched the crown of the top of the castle (it hurts!). The trunk opening mechanism is also interesting. Not a castle, but, let’s say, “loops”. A compact parallelogram that does not eat up the internal volume (see photo).

The rear of the cabin at the top has become a little wider. This is to prevent extreme passengers from banging their heads on the racks. The front panel has changed, it has become more compact and “light” (the previous version did not differ in grace). The front seat was slightly lower - on the first samples of the VAZ-1119 hatchbacks, it was, perhaps, a little tall. But the height adjustment, which was at the same "nineteenth", alas, did not. You can live without it, but it is more convenient with it. Domestic industry does not produce such mechanisms. However, it will be too early to say what will be and what will not be in production cars. These are still early prototypes, and can still change many times.

“Kalina” has an original heater of increased performance with a dust filter. The ventilation system should provide good air circulation so that the machine does not suddenly get sick with "ten-fold" sweating.

Now we’ll be curious, but what’s under the hood? Obviously something new - the VAZ 2111 engine with a displacement increased to 1600 cm3 is “covered” by a cunningly curved inlet pipe. Indeed, a novelty: the intake tract is of variable length. The solution is well-known, but it seems that we have applied it for the first time. At low and medium speeds, air flows through a long pipe, providing better filling of the cylinders and, therefore, greater torque. At high speeds, a special flap, blocking a long path, will direct air in a short one, which will increase power. As a result, the new motor (its VAZ-11183 index) has increased power and maximum torque, in addition, increased torque at low speeds - the engine has become more “high-torque”.

Another promising Kalinovsky motor - 11193 - is the modernization of the sixteen-valve 2112. The increased working volume, the variable length of the inlet tract, and in addition, the variable valve timing. One of the camshafts (the one that manages the intake) can rotate 16 degrees relative to the drive pulley. This system will increase power and torque by about 5%, as well as reduce fuel consumption or exhaust toxicity. Yes, it’s OR! Shooting on two birds with one stone is inappropriate here - either one or the other.

In a different way, air intake for the motor is now organized. Firstly, the intake is located on the other hand, and secondly, much higher. The exhaust system has changed - the volume of the main and additional silencers has increased. A modern car should be quiet. And also environmentally friendly. All engines must comply with Euro III.

By the way, more about the engines. One of the creators of the car lamented, they say, it's too early for you guys to arrive. In six months or a year, more interesting samples of Kalina will appear. We assume that we are talking about installing engines of the classic family on the VAZ-1118. Such engines: 11187 (1700 smz) and 11188 (1800 smz) are being developed.

What else? Conical springs in the front suspension, anti-roll bar in the rear, electric power steering … The possibility of installing an air conditioner on the Kalina is being worked out …

That's enough about technology. A lot of things in the car will change a hundred times before it gets to the conveyor. And there will be some particularly corrosive reader to demand from the journalists what they promised … Better about their own feelings. Recall that a year ago, "Kalina" -hatchback seemed very friendly machine. The second meeting of impressions did not change. Wide swinging doors, comfortable fit, excellent visibility. The rear seat is quite spacious for a relatively small car. The new sophisticated motor actually pulls quite confidently at low speeds. True, his character is not vazovsky. Indeed, almost all previous engines, starting with “zero first”, showed their agility just “upstairs”.