Stock market


At the beginning of the year, the editorial board formed an investment portfolio of the shares of the largest automobile companies.

Securities car factories - a very reliable investment.


The game on the stock exchange … Stocks, ups and downs of quotes … "Financier", "Titan", "Stoic" … America, skyscrapers, millionaires … An alien, alien world, so distant and attractive.

Now it turned out that any of the Russians can join this “not our” life: acquire shares, become a real capitalist. And to master not some obscure domestic factories, but Ford, General Motors. And there is nothing special here. Open an account with a foreign bank - advertising at every step, and then through the Internet (the great thing is the World Wide Web!) Buy how many securities of any companies you need. There would be money!

Here it would be necessary to "Daimler-Chrysler", "Volkswagen", "Toyota" and …

“Please buy! It is interesting to be a co-owner of automobile companies, to monitor the quotation of their shares, ”the editor-in-chief said. “I won’t give you money.” First, figure out what's what on the stock market. ” Habitual approach: learn to swim first …

However, the modern stock market, unlike the pool, allows you to learn how to “swim” without water. It is enough to form a virtual portfolio of securities and at least every day to observe the change in their price.

In early January, such a portfolio was edited. How? Very simple. In the famous search engine Yahoo! There is a financial section ( where you can register as a user. This will provide an opportunity to study a bunch of graphs and tables showing the shares of which enterprises and how much are sold on the exchange, how their value is changing. Here you can read everything that various newspapers and agencies write about the enterprises you are interested in. And then form your own portfolio: so many stocks of this plant, so many - different … And each time you type in your password, see what happens with these securities.

To walk like that for a walk - the money is not real, but virtual! Therefore, the “purchase” was made on a grand scale - shares of Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Nissan and Toyota - almost 50 thousand dollars! And although the deal was purely theoretical, without risk for a pocket, almost every morning after that it began with excitement and verification: what are the quotes? Has the stock price fallen since yesterday, or increased? The exciting thing, it turns out, is to be a capitalist, albeit virtual.

I had to get used to the fact that the value of securities on the stock exchange changes daily. And if there were no heart attacks for the first couple of months (“today is a fall, losses are $ 800!”, “And today is crazy growth, a gain is $ 1, 500!”), Then only because in reality the changes in the market did not concern us. Then it became clear: one should pay attention not to daily fluctuations, but to a trend.

Then spring came, and shares of computer companies that had previously grown by leaps and bounds collapsed. And the securities of automobile companies continued to live their lives - some grew in price, others (alas, most) fell in price, but not as fast as Internet companies.

Since August last year, the price of the Daimler-Chrysler has been gradually decreasing (maybe it’s worth selling it?). General Motors slowly rose in price until this May, and then went down quite sharply (by the way, at that time its shares were most actively sold and bought - everyone foresaw a new rise). “Ford” fluctuates, remaining on average almost unchanged, “Japanese” in recent months are growing. In general, the editors have lost (at the end of July) $ 6408 since the purchase of shares! Oh, how the editor-in-chief looked into the water, hesitating to give money to buy shares!

Experienced people treat such losses stoically. Moreover, they believe that investments in shares of automobile plants are the most stable. Indeed, on average, in a year or two their price, as a rule, increases. For example, earnings per share in General Motors last year were a little less than nine dollars - not bad! And the fluctuations in the value of GM shares this year are a little over $ 37 (from 57 1/4 to 94 5/8 dollars per share). What does it mean?

Compare with the securities of Internet companies, around which in recent years so much noise. They are usually unprofitable. But they are bought because of high expectations, which is very much reflected in the cost (not always something reinforced). For example, the shares of Ariba, one of the most famous companies in the New Economy, jumped $ 28 (from $ 116 to 134) in one day, with news that in the previous quarter they … lost not eight cents per share, but only five! Fluctuations in the value of such shares are hundreds, thousands of percent in a very short time. Yes, the risk of investments here is incomparably higher - as is the opportunity to make money on sale! Therefore, the exchange player is more likely to acquire such securities, and those who just want to securely invest money (so that the amount is not much, but steadily grows), most likely will buy shares of reputable, stable companies - the same car factories.

By the way, do not forget about the dividends they pay to shareholders. Many owners of securities live on these payments. For example, companies in our portfolio pay annually from 50 cents to $ 2.4 per share - very good.

True, experts say that the automotive market is cyclical and after several years of record profits (they have been received over the past couple of years), a recession will certainly follow. But they are reassuring: drastic changes for the worse cannot be expected. The automobile business, whose plants cost tens of billions of dollars, will not disappear overnight. So, investing in their securities, shareholders do not endanger their condition.

However, for a Russian person, investing in stocks and playing the stock market are still exotic. It seems better and more reliable to store them in a bank. Three liter. And if you let it grow, then in some kind of financial pyramid: percent of commercials for two hundred a month. The main thing is to have time to pick up on time.


Company Price of 1 share per ac- Port price- price of 1 share per mo- Change in value

end of July, dollars in the portfolio of fel, dollars of purchase, dollars of portfolio, dollars

Daimler-Chrysler 55 130 7150 77.75 - 2957.5

Ford 47 190 8930 53 -1140

General Motors 60 130 7800 75.5 -2015

Nissan 10 1025 10 250 9.75 256.25

Toyota 83 110 9130 89.06 -666.6

Total 43, 260 - 6, 522.85


Company Price of 1 share at the end Price of all shares Income per share Max and min cost 1

July 2000, $ comp., Billion dollars in 1999, $ shares in 2000, $

Daimler-Chrysler 55 55.242 6.25 51 13/16 - 85 3/4

Ford 47 57, 100 5.58 40 1/4 - 57 1/4

General Motors 60 37.271 8.94 57 1/4 - 94 5/8