Exhibitions, salons


It stands between the junction stations - Geneva and Paris. No, no, the author is all right with geography. But this is precisely how these cities are located in the calendar of international automobile showrooms.


The traditional Turin Motor Show, the sixty-eighth in a row, opened in mid-June at the Lingotto Exhibition Center. A characteristic and not too joyful feature of the exhibition is the absence of many “grandees”. Apparently, considering that spring Geneva and autumn Paris were enough for them, they didn’t come to Turin Ford, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Nissan.

Others decided to make an intermediate stop in Turin and could not do without prime ministers. Alfa Romeo introduced the 147, while Hyundai introduced the new Elantra. Well, of course, the local "bodyworkers" turned around with might and main. By the way, they celebrated several round dates at the salon. The Pininfarina company has its 70th anniversary, the ridiculous little FIAT Panda has twenty. But let's start with world premieres.


Well, what a habit - to arrange preliminary shows. This is when you can see - but only through the "fence": not under the hood to look, nor to pull the handles. That is how they presented Alfu-147 in Turin. Okay, wait for Paris, there "access to the body" will probably be free.

The new car replaces models 145 and 146. First, a three-door hatchback with sixteen-valve engines of 1.6 liters (105 or 120 hp) and 2 liters (150 hp) will appear. Later, a 1.9-liter 110-horsepower diesel will join these engines. The five-door "one hundred and forty-seventh" will debut next year.


The concern did not prepare serious novelties for the salon, did not extend cooperation with General Motors. But, following modern trends, he began to weave the "World Wide Web". Do you want to get acquainted with the model range via the Internet, choose a color and a complete set, place an order? You are welcome! Such an opportunity will appear in the near future. The Italians will be the first to master the new service, and then residents of other European countries will join them.


The Korean company has a new face. The affectionate “bio” is being replaced by the appearance of a deliberately rough, slightly “circumscribed” one. At first the Accent changed, and in Turin they showed a new one … no, not the Lantra, but the Elantra - that’s how this car will be called in Europe (in the homeland, in Korea - “Avante”).

The car became slightly larger than its predecessor, a new body type appeared - a hatchback (it was not in the Lantra family before). Engines - gasoline with a working volume of 1.6 and 2.1 liters, with a capacity of 107 and 141 liters. with. Boxes - a five-speed manual or four-band automatic. Two configuration options - GL and GLS. The list of standard and optional equipment is more than impressive, especially in the second version. Hyundai is clearly torn into high society.

Koreans, by the way, like Italy - two years ago here, in Turin, the last generation Sonata made its debut.


The recent Geneva premiere of Ferrari 360 Spider is now shown at home. A dark blue open car was on the podium with a red racing car of Formula 1. Do you want to ride 400 “horses” and feel almost like Schumacher? Probably many want it, maybe a few.


Panda is twenty years old. The age for the car is more than solid; nowadays, they don’t live that much on the assembly line. A small simple "fiatik", replicated in more than 4 million copies, is still alive. A masterpiece of utilitarianism was produced not only in Italy, but also in Spain, under the brand name SEAT. With age, the Panda became more powerful, the chassis was modernized, and the interior changed. There is even a Panda 4x4. Angular pretty little cars run and run across Europe, and their age is not a hindrance. Happy birthday to you, bamboo bear! You showed that in the rich world of the late twentieth century there is a place for simplicity.

And at that time, on the contrary, on the other side of the stand another simplicity was demonstrated - conceptual. A lot of shiny pipes and polished aluminum, either a buggy or a jeep. The body, if "this" can be called that, is simplified to the limit. Salon - at a minimum, the engine - a V-shaped "eight" "Chevrolet" - is covered … with a grid. And all that is possible glitters! This one is called … nevertheless, whatever one may say, the car is the Tuareg.


Hybrid motorcycle, car and fighter. The driver and passenger are sitting next to each other. There are four wheels, although the width of the vehicle is rather motorcycle. The steering wheel is like a helm, and the roof is like an airplane lantern. This is Bertone Slim. It can squeeze into any hole and if earlier it was moving with the help of an internal combustion engine, now it has got an electric motor.



Our in the city! And what company: UAZ on the left, De Tomaso on the right. One is to devour kilometers of asphalt, the other is to slurp dirt. Domestic all-terrain vehicles (and presented were short - 3160 and long - 3162) are equipped with Italian VM diesels. Their ancestor, familiar to the Russians "goat", was sold in Italy quite successfully. The new model was presented not without scope. Looks like they are counting on good demand. Although, frankly, there was no hype around the UAZ.

Compact double "StreetKa" - the only representative of the "Ford" tribe at the exhibition. Chassis - “Cougars”, styling - “Ford-Ka”, motor - “Zetek” families, original appearance and super-original translucent plastic interior.

The last time Gia showed a five-door Ka, now sports. What will happen in two years?


Another anniversary - the body shop is 70 years old. As an illustration of past achievements and achievements, there is a small exhibition of creations of past years: from the pre-war FIAT-1500 to the Cadillac Alante.

Today is Ross, that is, red. Stylish two-seater roadster based on the Ferrari-550 Maranello. Nearly five hundred "horses", speed - for 300, separate compartments - cockpits for the driver and passenger. Very bright exhibit. And not only in color.


Renault. The French showed a gamut of concepts in recent years, the most recent of which is Koleos.

Mitsubishi. Under the hood of the Space Star model, a new 1.9DI-D turbodiesel with direct injection of Common Rail has appeared.

Stola Group. Sample Italian national creativity - original coupe

"S81 Tables."

"Maggiore." Small electric car

for a big city - City Magg.

"Fioravanti." Another look at a sports car is the F100 Roadster.