Test UAZ 3151 4


The military knows a lot of things that civilians don’t even think about. For example, what should be in the soldier’s bedside table, what is the size of the footcloths and, of course, how should the command vehicle be arranged. We owe it to them that the UAZ 469 received a rather rare solution in its class - axles with wheel gears.

Anatoly FOMIN, Anatoly KARPENKOV

Today, UAZs with gear or, as they often say, “military” bridges are available to everyone. This pleasure costs an average of "extra" 5 thousand rubles. Theoretically, all the main pros and cons have already been stated in the journal (ZR, 1999, No. 10), but we decided to believe the theory with our own experience, armed with measuring instruments and tow ropes.


Before us is a couple quite peaceful, judging by the color of the “white night” paint, UAZ 3151 4–012 and UAZ 3151 4–032 cars. The latter, which with gear axles, is 55 mm higher than the relative. The experimental machines are in the simplest configuration: no external linkage, without power steering, new engines and synchronizers in first and second gears. All amenities - metal roof and improved seats. However, today it is not about that. First, load the car in accordance with the instructions, check the tire pressure and measure ground clearance. In fairness, we note that the difference between cars with “collective farm” and “military” bridges was slightly less than in the documentation. However, the gear axles should be complete with Y-192 “toothy” tires, and on both of our cars the Y-245-1 is not so “evil”, which is 14 mm smaller in outer diameter. It turns out that from 80 mm of the declared benefits of gear axles, 65–70 mm are actually left. A little more matchbox! It would seem, because of what to fence the garden? But let's not rush.


Briefly, the subjective impressions are as follows: UAZ with “military” bridges rides more fun, but holds the road worse and slows down. Devices confirmed this, which once again pleased: even now, no metaphysics. The fact that a car with gear axles is faster is explained by an increased gear ratio (5.38 versus 4.63). And therefore not too powerful, but the high-torque motor allows you to go in direct gear already from 30 km / h, while an UAZ with ordinary bridges can pull only 40. The maximum speed of cars, oddly enough, is almost the same - a little over 100 km / hours Mediocre handling is also quite understandable: with wheel gears, the positive running-in shoulder is greater. This also causes a tendency to yaw when braking - the steering wheel must be held tight.


Will not pass

On a good road, UAZ evokes few positive emotions, but the worse the coverage, the more respect for this car. When deep ruts loomed ahead, it was time to stretch ourselves by turning on the hubs. The first stage did not reveal a clear leader. Both cars easily overcame a plot that could cause genuine horror for car owners, and froze in front of a huge puddle. Right-left do not turn around the forest. Deep? Yes, where knee-deep, and where … deeper. There, in the muddy water, there are ruts and an impressive ridge left by a tractor. But this obstacle turned out to be in the teeth of both UAZs. Unless the “military” gearbox drove more confidently and almost didn’t wet the steps. Other adventures went on: sand and clay ruts, climbs, ditches, but even here, the skill and experience of drivers played a much greater role than the differences between cars.

But those were flowers. In the lowland, on the edge of the field, we finally found what we were looking for - a dirt road driven by tractors. However, even here, roaring the engine and desperately turning the wheels, the "collective farmer" still got to a solid place. The “military man” reacted to this obstacle quite calmly: they drove almost without a slip. There you have the difference in a matchbox! And yet, in order to finally determine “who is hu”, cars must be “planted”. Where to plant? Of course, in the field. Fortunately, not far away. But first, let’s evaluate whether the obstacle is worthy.

Of the two foot scouts, one came back, which is easier. The second, more submerged, clay was captured, and to save his shoes the rest had to work with a shovel. The discussion flared up: if we “plant”, what will we drag? Fortunately, the MTZ tractor with a long cable turned up.

You can start. Bets are accepted! Nobody will leave further 20 meters … So, the “collective farmer” and the “military man” - who is who? First off! Here are those times! Already lies on the belly, but still creeps! He surrenders, crawls again … Really ..? Not! All sailed. Well at least the doors can be opened. Who is there today in the "rescuers"? Get out to catch the cable, look at the second!

While the tractor pulls the "seeded no. 1" onto solid soil, we’ll measure the result: 61 meters are passed. The result is much more optimistic than forecasts.

Now it’s the turn of the “military”: ten meters, twenty, sixty, eighty … Is that all? No, still creeping. It seems that it will pass - another fifty meters, and there it’s easier … Fans rejoice: the participant at number 2 does without the help of a tractor. A convincing victory for gear axles!


…it's good. Unless, of course, it's not about preference. Our "military" and "collective farmer" do not go uphill - they go. To begin with - an increase of 10%, fourth gear, an entry speed of 80 km / h. The "collective farmer" barely climbed, the "military" only slowed down to 65 km / h. The same with a speed of 70 km / h. Here, an UAZ with conventional bridges has only a third chance.

Finally, the "military" performed an almost circus trick: he simply took a 50% rise without acceleration and without downshifting! It is better for the “collective farmer” not to even try it this way: it is risky to slide off 50% from the middle of the slope - the tires are barely kept on wet concrete. Everything is simple here - turn on the lowered and forward.


It happens that through a poorly wrapped drain plug directly to the ground. But usually still in the carburetor. How are we with the costs? We know that "good", or rather?

“Short” pair in gearboxes plus “extra” gears and bearings - on the highway you will have to throw an average of a liter and a half, although, for example, at 60 km / h there is almost no difference, and at 40 in direct transmission, a car with “military” bridges even more economical.


Why buy UAZ? Certainly not to roll along the streets of the capital. All the advantages of these cars are shown where roads end. Here, even a minimal advantage in cross-country ability can be decisive. Drive or use a jack and a shovel - the choice is obvious. The most important advantage of a car with gear axles is the ability to confidently move along a track laid by heavy trucks: the increased ground clearance allows this.

Few people, except for crazy jeepers, will be engaged in a serious alteration of the UAZ for the sake of increasing patency, although the simplicity of the design allows you to do whatever you like with it. When it comes to operating a “near-serial” machine, the design of the gear axles requires more attention (which is worth checking the oil level in the six crankcases of the gears instead of two), but with proper care and the absence of factory defects, they will live no less, if not more. It is almost impossible to collapse the half-axis or CV joint in the “military” bridges, but if this happens, it will be much more difficult to fix it.

Given the specifics of the operation of UAZs, axles with wheel gears will prove to be a valuable help not only for the military.

Photo by Vladimir KNYAZEV

The editors thank the network of car dealerships