Sing it!

The heading materials were prepared by the music editor Archibald LABUCH


Tom is 12 years old, as the author, a new fan of “Crematorium”, got to the group’s concert for the first time. Which at that time, the electronic media shyly called "Cream" … by scrolling through the trash windshield. Well, yes, the composition "about the environment" - what a house of eternal sleep! Sorry, distracted.

So, collecting notes, I thought then that my companions were allotted to Grigoryan’s excitement of the souls of youth for two more years … Fortunately, he was mistaken.

It is all the more pleasant to unexpectedly meet old friends - Khabibulin, Ugly Elsa, Kondraty, Little Girl, Tanya - who first came together. The CD “Crematorium” was released in the series “Main Songs”: it was compiled following the results of the competition on the group’s official website. Fans, of course, voted for past hits - they returned from the disks of previous years. However, what about the current “Crematorium” without the native “Kathmandu”! Popular novelties also took their place on the soundtracks … obviously, finally plunging little-known songs of bygone times into the abyss of oblivion. The cry of nature, the laughter of Satan …


In the same series “Main Songs” a new collection “Denominator” from the group “Spleen” appeared. Probably, the most significant is enclosed in the album that “splins” created during the time of its existence. Next to the hits played by many radio stations, newborns appeared who had already gained popularity and stretched further to the peak of fame. Speaking of the latter. There is a feeling that the thing “You are dreaming” came to Alexander Vasilyev’s head in a dream. Honestly, I did not expect … In my opinion, this is his best work; Or am I also dreaming of this? As for the album as a whole … The release of "Main Songs" - both "Splin", and "Crematorium", and others - is, of course, a win-win move. But I would like to wish the compilers not to get involved, collecting all the same in one pile. After all, the "best" and "famous" songs are compared to others …


I don’t know how anyone, but in my car the radio normally receives somewhere up to the 80th kilometer from Moscow. Further, instead of music - calming rales. Near large settlements, you begin to look for some local stations. For example, in Obninsk, I found a fairly powerful transmitter that broadcasts the local radio programs in the FM band. Caught by playing the settings buttons. Why not the Obninsk station to place information boards on the Kiev and Kaluga highways - “Listen to us!” Indicating the frequency? It is obvious that this will increase the rating. Yes, and transit drivers will be more fun. By the way, announcements “Traffic information - at such-and-such frequency” are quite common abroad along the roads. I think you will agree that the useful experience is worth adopting.

Yes, and he would not interfere with large radio stations. Do you know, for example, on what wave to search for Our Radio in Tver? Is Russian Radio in Kaluga? That's it! Meanwhile, there are no billboards on adjacent highways … Not yet.


The year 2000 is a leap year, and it brought fame and success to the group of the same name from Fryazino. For the first time I heard them out of the corner of my ear in a morning radio program …

“It was we who invented Windows, it was we defaulted …” Did you hear that? And who sings? There the chorus is still cool … and busting guitar. And they play, you know … simple, seemingly, but sincerely. And unusual for today. There is something from the PCB. And in his voice - from Makarevich … Damn, what is their name? We could serve in intelligence … Well, yes: they could - they would have already looked for performers … They, they say, rise in ratings … Interestingly, do they have an album for an hour?