$ 15, 000 pedal car - say, expensive? And other Europeans do not spare such money to keep fit.


Yes, it was on taking care of their precious health that the Swiss company Twike managed to “buy” a consumer spoiled by the latest achievements of the western automobile industry. Having reached his destination in a limousine, having sat enough on his leather chairs in endless traffic jams, he rushes to the gym … to pedal, getting rid of stress and excess fat. And why not save time, which is money, and not combine the useful with the necessary? That was born about five years ago (and a group of student enthusiasts began work back in 1986), an amazing hybrid bike "Tweak III".

The concept of the novelty is focused on intracity and near suburban trips within a radius of about 60 kilometers. Electric drive with computer control and energy recovery allows you to accelerate to 85 km / h and not think about recharging for 90 miles. But in traffic jams, when moving from a traffic light to a traffic light, it’s quite logical to turn off the motor and train your own muscles! In order not to bother them too much, a five-speed automatic gearbox is provided. From the cold in winter and boredom in the absence of a passenger on the right, the heater and radio with CD changer will save. Of course, there are headlights, and a signal, and a wiper - and all that is necessary for an artisan car. There is no gas tank and noisy engine spoiling the air. Charging the batteries comes from a conventional outlet with a “speed” of 60 km / h, that is, energy is gained at 60 miles per hour.

They control the car with the help of two levers - "joysticks". Pressed the button with the right index finger - acceleration went. Let go - went by inertia. They pressed it again - the tempomat remembered the achieved speed and will support it until the new “introductory” one. The middle finger is located just opposite the regenerative brake button, which allows you to return energy to the battery. Well, for emergency cases there is a mechanical brake, under the left hand.

The computer not only controls all the automation and electrical, but also performs the functions of an immobilizer, instrument cluster and many more.

The safety requirements have also been fulfilled: crash tests have been successfully passed, three-point inertial belts are installed. The plastic case on the aluminum frame will not rot, the motor will not deteriorate, unless it gets sick. Well, really, such a miracle is not worth some 15 “pieces” ?!


Motor - Asynchronous Electric