Birth defect


Features of domestic technology have long been heard by everyone. But she tirelessly surprises us with new ones.


… Re-export (!) VAZ 2110. The owner complains: “I hardly engage the first gear, but the rear gear does not lend itself at all!” (We thought: is this the reason for re-export?). The owner said that in a futile search for the source of the fault, the gearbox had already been disassembled twice, and while the unit on the workbench switched normally, but not on the machine! Masters suggested that the gearbox was hindered by clutch problems - it supposedly “leads” … They removed it and checked it thoroughly. No, and everything is in order here - they didn’t find the reason again … And for some reason no one gave any importance to the fact that the rest of the gears were switched on normally.

We are also involved in research. Meticulously inspected traction - gear shift mechanism and jet. Traction is OK, not deformed. All details are working …

Finally found! The bolt 6 is guilty, tightening the clamp 1 on the rod 2 of the drive of the switching mechanism (see. Fig.). When trying to reverse gear, the head of this bolt rested against … the protective cover of the exhaust gas converter! The machine is designed for "abroad". (By the way, now the “dozens” in this configuration go to the domestic market.)