Where does that come from


Most cars produced in Togliatti bear the emblem of the Volga Automobile Plant. Meanwhile, not all are assembled on a factory conveyor.


Today, the Volga auto giant collects its products on four conveyor lines; all the machines in question were described in detail in the journal.

The main conveyor consists of three "threads". At the first stage all “Samaras” are born - from VAZ 2108 3 to 21099 and 2115, and soon they will begin to produce a modernized “nine” - VAZ 2114. On the second only “classic” - VAZ 2104, 2105, 2107 and from this year - a little VAZ 2106. With the third go VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112 and another part of the VAZ 2106.

On a separate conveyor (in another building) “fields” are assembled - VAZ 2121 3, 21214 (the latter with central injection) and VAZ 2121 5 (so far with the Peugeot diesel engine).

In various units of the Directorate for Technical Development (DTR - the former STC), cars are assembled in small batches. The largest plant included in this structure is Pilot Production (OPP), which today makes VAZ 2131, VAZ 2120 and is preparing for serial production of VAZ 2123. In addition, in the OPP, VAZ-2329 pickup bodies are welded and painted.

Here, on separate sites, Samaras with rotary piston engines and Quartet with Barnaul diesel engines begin their lives.

All listed vehicles manufactured by the plant and units of the DTR have an XTA identification number.

Now about the closest VAZ "relatives". In Togliatti, two subsidiaries of VAZ, structurally subordinate to the DTR.

The first is PSA OJSC (production of special vehicles) BRONTO, which has been producing VAZ 2121 82 Fors for many years, VAZ 2121 8 Fora off-road vehicles, and, on request, open VAZ 2121 83 Landole and snow-and-ice vehicles VAZ-19221 "March". This technique today carries the X7G VIN.

The second enterprise appeared later - CJSC Super-Auto, which produces the extended Premier VAZ 2110 8 with identification number X7Y.

In addition, the Syzran "RosLada" (X7D) belongs to the "closest relatives" of the Volga Automobile Plant. VAZ 2106 and VAZ 2109 3 are produced there.

Now about the "distant relatives." The largest, VAZInterservice CJSC, produces semi-frame pickups based on the "classics" and "Niva". Soon, production of the front-wheel drive isothermal van VIS-1705 will begin here. Vehicles released here are marked with the X6D code. This, by the way, is the only company from VAZ "satellites" that uses its own brand in the name of automobiles - VIS.

The next venture is assembly: Lada-Tul LLC. From here come the VAZ-2329 pickups, the coolest dozens of VAZ 2110 6 with Opel engines and VAZ-1706 freight vans based on the G8. The cars released here recently also received the original identification number - X61.

Finally, another “factory” produces “tarzans”: ESB (Economic School of Business) “Lada-Consul”. The code for these machines is X89.

Who is next?

Tarzan VAZ 2108 4

Force VAZ 2121 82


VAZ 2110 8