To the rustle of the protocols


The sad results of the rage on the roads of Russia.


In the first half of 2000, as a result of accidents, 620 people died less than in the same period of 1999. The number of accidents involving minors decreased by 8.3%. It became significantly calmer on the roads in the republics of Dagestan, Sakha, North Ossetia and Udmurtia, Altai, Krasnoyarsk and Primorsky territories, the Arkhangelsk, Rostov, Sakhalin, Chita, Yaroslavl regions and the Agin-Buryat Autonomous Okrug.

At the same time, the number of accidents with especially grave consequences increased - in 43 accidents in this category, 203 died and 187 were injured.

In every third incident, a pedestrian was featured. More than two thirds (73.5%) of all accidents are associated with violation of the Rules by drivers. Drunk drivers were involved in every fifth accident. A special love for the “green serpent” was shown in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug (an increase in “drunk” accidents - 66.7%), the Chuvash (+40.5), Karachay-Cherkess (+10.5) and Ingush (+25) republics, Kamchatka (+40.5), Ryazan (+19.4) and Kaluga (+ 26.4%) regions.

Most often, drivers of cars belonging to individuals turned out to be to blame: for one incident with a professional driver, there are seven committed private traders.

In 67 regions, there were more accidents due to the poor condition of streets and roads. A total of 13, 263 such accidents occurred in which 2, 507 people died (+ 97.7%) and 15, 012 (+ 97.7%) were injured - an almost twofold increase! The roads have not changed much, just the traffic police began to more often recognize the road workers as guilty - it's high time!