Mini test


Combine in one car

comfort of the Volga and UAZ patency

decided masters of the youth design center "Veshnyaki". And here is an unusual “Commander 4x4”.

Ilya Pimenov, Alexander Kataev

… We just turned on the front axle, lowering the number of gears, and the "Commander" crawled along the sand with the confidence of the tank.

We’re going to break something without fear. All fragile parts are cleaned inside the frame. Wide steps serve as skis, help to get over obstacles. Almost the entire mass of the machine within the base, we do not complain about stability.

We can see from above … Boom! The oak spring suspension has survived. The body fits well in weight, but the view from it is clearly “urban”. Well, God be with him. But on the roads you feel dry and comfortable.

This was what the Veshnyakovtsy sought, creating an exclusive passenger all-terrain vehicle.

Without further ado, the masters of the center take the chassis, axles and gearbox from the “long” UAZ 3153 (ЗР, 1997, No. 1, 5, 7, 11; 1999, No. 6), sort out the nodes (in Ulyanovsk as before, “not a day” without marriage ”?) and they are hoisting the Volga body on all this. The body can be from any model, even used. And the engines: ZMZ-402, 406. The plans for the “lefties” are to install the diesel “Steyr”, but the transmission will have to be redone for it. And there’s enough rework even now: before assembling the bodywork, the craftsmen conjure with a bottom, modify the steering mechanism, the driveshaft and the exhaust tract … Manual work, however!

“Volga” turn into “commanders” for a month or two and $ 2000-4000. The price is proportional to the number of "bells and whistles": power steering, power accessories, sunroof, noise isolation, "music" … It is a pity that we worked with our copy to a minimum.

And still - the result is impressive. How good it is! Under the protruding wing arches are high-profile “rollers” of the Pirelli Scorpio on sixteen-inch disks. Low silhouette 3102 with a "chandelier" on the roof, a "kenguryatnik", a spare wheel in the back - a show car, "big foot" in Russian, damn it!

Hell!!! But we are already late! After half an hour, you need to return the "Commander" and get acquainted with his brother - "wagon" with a tuning salon.

We hastily cover the camera and climb (just like that - thresholds about half a meter from the ground!) Into the car. Attention, an impromptu rally! The "Commander", without slowing down, rushes to the sand spit, which crosses our path as a speed bump. Passengers of the usual “Volga” did not even dream of this! It shakes mercilessly, there’s nothing to grab at, we try to open the nonexistent hatch with the tops, and in the large trunk something rumbles and rolls over. Phew, finally the highway. You can disable the front axle and try to develop the promised 130 km / h. It’s good that the 75-liter tank is filled with “76-m” gasoline almost under a cork. That is - it was filled recently …

It seems that the game was worth the candle. In this mode of movement, you can’t compare it with the “goat”: we accelerate faster, and we slow down better. At the DPS post, we slow down a little. Actually, there’s nothing to be afraid of: the Komandor, although not certified (an economically unprofitable undertaking), is framed as “converted”. I just want to look at the amazed faces of traffic police officers once again.

But the idea of ​​such a car is not so new. Back in 1955, the Gorky Automobile Plant mastered the production of passenger cars - GAZ-72: a body from Pobeda, a transmission from GAZ-69.

… How long will this Cherokee get confused? Yeah, inferior. Shouts something, waves his hand. We don’t hear, friend, we have our own “music” here - the noise of the engine, transmission and tires. Ah, compete? Yes, the video camera of our device is aggressive, but we are not in this respect. And even if they wanted to … Just a hundred "horses" for 1.7 tons of weight - ZMZ-402 is rather weak for feats. We look around the roofs: in front of the right clearance, you need to quickly rebuild. Yes, in a clean field, the size and weight of the steering wheel were not so noticeable!