Readers' questions are answered.

the head of the braking-tuning department of the brake systems Alexander LYUBIMOV, the head of the steering-tuning department of the steering Nikolay OVCHINNIKOV, the test engineer of the chassis-tuning department, Vladimir Khromov, the head of the ergonomic performance-tuning department, Vladimir NAKLONNOV.

I can not achieve the normal operation of the brake regulator on the VAZ 2109: on slippery roads, the rear wheels are "taken" earlier than the front ones. If there are "European" springs, then what should be the clearance in the regulator?

The gap between the bracket and the leaf spring pressing the regulator piston for any Samara suspension springs should be about 2 mm (this is not an adjustment, but a reference size). We draw attention to the fact that it should be displayed on a car in running order when it is standing on the road (inspection hole, garage floor, etc.). On a machine hung on a lift or raised on a jack, this operation is unacceptable.

The adjustment gap is selected for serial blocks whose frictional characteristics correspond to the technical conditions of the car manufacturer. If on the machine there are pads with overlays of the "left" material, deviations in the operation of the brakes are possible even with a properly adjusted regulator.

The response pressure of the regulator at a partial load on the car is about 30 kgf / cm2, while the wheels lock when braking on ice at lower pressures. So you should not be guided by ice. After all, the pressure regulator is not an analog of ABS, they have different purposes. By the way, regardless of the availability of such systems, driving on ice in the first place requires caution.

I would like to install a vacuum brake booster on my VAZ 2101. Does that make sense? If so, how to do it right?

There is a point in such a refinement of the machine - the force on the brake pedal will decrease, which means that it will become easier and more convenient to brake. It is not by chance that on cars of later models the vacuum amplifier received a permanent residence permit.

However, installing it is not so simple. In addition to the amplifier itself with an index of 2103, you will need a pedal assembly assembly (also 2103). It will be necessary to refine the configuration of the hole in the front shield, since installing a vacuum booster will require increasing the distance between the brake and clutch master cylinders. You will also need a hose for “supplying” vacuum from the intake manifold, and a special fitting, similar in size to “third to zero”, will also need to be inserted into the latter. Another way is to buy and install the 2103 intake manifold.

Is it possible to install the “tenth” upper support on the front pillar of the G8?

The total height (together with the upper support) of the VAZ 2108 and VAZ 2110 racks is the same. But the distance S between the mating plane of the “tenth” bearing (see. Fig. Pos. A) and the supporting bearing is greater than that of the “figure eight” (pos. B). Therefore, when installing the support 2110 on the rack 2108, the total height of the latter unacceptably increases. During the rebound of such an “improved” strut and the turned wheels, the folding angle of the outer CV joint will be more than acceptable - the CV joint may jam. In such a situation, it is easy to damage the CV joint of the inner (relative to the turn) wheel at a sharp turn.

Therefore, such an assembly is not recommended, as well as the “reverse” one: the support 2108 simply will not fit under the hood of the “tens”, during turns the spring will touch the body. The only acceptable combination is the installation of a 2110 rack (complete with support) on the Samara. But keep in mind that, in addition to the geometric parameters, the struts (shock absorbers) 2108 and 2110 differ in characteristics, and therefore the replacement will affect the behavior of the car.

How to check the geometry of the rear beam of the VAZ 2108 and can it be straightened in the garage?

At home, you can only check wheel camber (or vertical beam deformation) using a plumb line. More serious control should be entrusted to specialists of service stations. In general, it’s not accepted to edit the rear beam of the Samara, since it has a rather complicated spatial design. It is usually wiser to replace it.

Are there any design features for the VAZ 2106 rear axle gear compared with the 2101 … 2105 models? If not, how do you explain the increased gear noise?

Reducers "classics" differ only in gear ratios (number of teeth) of the main pair. The 2106 gearbox has a gear ratio of 3.9; 2103 - 4.1; 2101 - 4.3 (this is a rare pair); 2102 - 4.44 (no longer available today).

There are several reasons for the increased noise of the gearbox. This is an insufficient amount of oil or a mismatch of its characteristics TU, wear of the teeth of the main pair, defective bearings or incorrect adjustment.

Advise what wheel to install on "Samara". The standard one covers part of the instrument cluster, and the steering wheel is thin. For example, I like the steering wheel of a Volkswagen Golf II …

Today, all front-wheel drive models are equipped with a steering wheel 2110 with a diameter of 380 mm, "cornfields" and "classics" - 2107 or 21213 (with a diameter of 400 mm). In addition to the diameter, the steering wheels also differ in the module and in the number of splines, so it is impossible to install a “classic” steering wheel (or vice versa) on the Samara or the nine.

The size of the steering wheel is selected for Samara, taking into account the requirements of ergonomics. When properly planted, it should not overlap the instrument dials. The dimensions of the bagel cross section may vary slightly due to the technological spread. Try to choose a steering wheel that seems more convenient. As for non-standard rudders, it hardly makes sense to recklessly follow fashion. For example, rudders that are comfortable on a straight road with protrusions can disappoint in bends, while wooden ones can be dangerous to slip in your hands.

In addition to ergonomic parameters, the passive safety of the car is also taken into account when designing the steering wheel. The rudders 2108 and 2110 are equipped with a special deformable unit, which softens the collision of the chest against the steering wheel during an accident. Putting a steering wheel of an unknown design, even if it fits along the splines, is not worth it.