The conversation was conducted by Leonid Sapozhnikov


An unusual automobile magazine was born in Ukraine - it is published by women for women.

And the chief editor is only 23. Meet:


- We have already come to terms with women's football. But the women's automobile magazine … How did you, Olga, come up with such an idea?

- America is to blame. I studied business at a college in Florida for a year (I got there by competition for our students). Returned home a completely different person. The otimism that America has infected has whipped over the edge. I went to bed and woke up with the thought of creating something of my own and was sure that everything would work out for me.

“But you already knew where the car had a motor?”

“By that time, I had just finished driving school.” And now I have already hit 50 thousand. At first I had a Tavria of a blue color. With her, I learned to behave in extreme situations, because she broke anywhere and at any time of the day. But even at midnight in the dark alley I managed to find the men who fixed it for me.

- Wasn't it scary in the dark?

- Well, I said about my idiotic optimism. It was me who later brought them up: they say how gullible you are, and suddenly I am the bait of bandits!

“In the role of drivers, are men just as kind?”

- I noticed that it largely depends on me. If I leave in a good mood, many give way, they smile. But if you got up from your left foot and everyone around you seems to be enemies - they behave accordingly!

- So, the most powerful weapon a woman drives is a smile?

“Not just driving.” Generally in life. Although there are people on whom she does not act, especially among the guardians of law and order. But there are some tricks for this case. At first, to every traffic cop who was going to fine me, I said: “You know, I’m the first policeman!” He melted: “Well, okay, go!” So ​​I melted a dozen or two of them, each was the first. Then the brother said: “Finish off with your legend, otherwise you have no memory on your faces! ..”

“Why are you usually fined?” For speed?

- Oddly enough, it happens very rarely, even though I drive quite gamblingly. Usually for stopping in a prohibited place. Yes, I see a sign, but I need to come here … There are very nice traffic cops, whom I don’t mind giving a fine. And somehow my peer came across: “Listen, I'll send my wife to my mother-in-law in the evening, buy champagne - come!” - “I won’t come!” - “Then pay five hryvnias”. I was so offended: well, at least say “fifty”!

- And now the most memorable case of your driving practice.

- Do not believe me - the only accident that I happened to get into. On a steep descent to Khreshchatyk, my “Corsa” was caught up and damaged the rear bumper. I went out - and for several minutes I was indescribably delighted: “An accident - and I'm not to blame! It's not my fault! ”The guy is scared, his hands are shaking, I reassure him. He asks: “How much money should I give you?” But I have no idea and don’t know how to behave in such a situation. Then I interviewed my acquaintances with “rights”, and if men still orientate in this way, then for women it’s a darkness! You can, of course, read automobile magazines, but I know for women myself! - this is difficult, there is too much incomprehensible for us there. All the time I wanted to see the decoding in brackets or look into the explanatory dictionary for “dummies” …

- Where can I get it?

- In fact of the matter. But I, as a driver, should speak the same language with men. Especially at the service station, where you need to clearly explain your claims to the car. To say: “Look at what's wrong” means throwing money away. Car service without a twinge of conscience used my misunderstanding. And I thought: but I'm not the only one! There are more and more women driving, so are they really doomed to collect information with torment and humiliation? It’s time for us to have our own magazine!

- Who helped you in creating it?

- My father, financially and - much more - mentally. By the way, he is a longtime reader and connoisseur of "Behind the Wheel". She works in medicine and dreamed all my life that I would become a doctor.

- And you went to the publishing business and, probably, dream of achieving the popularity and mass character of your magazine?