The heading is Alexander ZHIKHAREV


Today we will begin our journey from the Moscow highway in Orel. As can be seen in photo 1, the 1.14 sign warns of a steep climb - as much as 45% over 900 meters. Simple arithmetic calculations show that a lift height of 405 meters is a solid slide! Now we open the directory with the technical characteristics of cars and are surprised to find that, for example, for Tavria the maximum rise is 36%, and various modifications of the Gazelle will overpower only 26-30%. But in the hero city of Oryol, such obstacles are easily overcome by a load of trolleybuses and trucks. Right eagles (mountain). By the way, on nearby Moscow Street there is a rise of 36%.

A peculiar composition was installed on Kremenchugskaya street in St. Petersburg (photo 2). Judging by the sign 7.13, the main road goes left. But, apparently, to overcome the pride of those who want to go along the main, there is a dead end. But the prescriptive sign 4.12, like a pointing finger, guides the humble carrier along the right path. Do you want everything to be simple?

But on the 22nd line of Vasilyevsky Island, here, in the city on the Neva (photo 3), everything is clear and understandable - you can’t go. Not just impossible - absolutely impossible. The whole grove with the “bricks” nailed on the trunks unambiguously informs about this (unfortunately, another tree did not enter the frame). Drivers laugh, but what will Greenpeace say?

From so many "mistakes" the head goes round. A similar literally takes place on Narochanskaya street in Minsk (photo 4). It seems that public transport is parking in this place in an unusual way. In the jargon of riders, this is called "stand on ears." Perhaps this is a very emergency place - not a day without a “shifter”. Original!

Authors of the photo: G. SILIN (Orel-27), Yu. CHICHAYKIN and V. Orel (St. Petersburg), N. Vrublevskaya (Minsk)


At first, it seemed that the “Stop Blooper” heading was a kind of driver’s cabal. The pest signs themselves are found, they themselves are indignant, they are ridiculed. And those who must be most interested in their proper installation, and do not blow into the mustache.

And then all of a sudden - three official letters at once, and all about one May issue of "Stop Blunder"! From the traffic police of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Kemerovo region.

The Moscow Road Inspectorate clearly and clearly informed that the billboards - the heroes of one of the photographs - were dismantled. This is work!

Kemerovo residents were not too lazy - they found the photographed signs and even made and sent their own pictures to the editor! It turned out that the objects … not in their territory, but in the neighboring Novosibirsk region. In addition, the signs have already been set correctly. Well, we apologize for our reader who incorrectly spelled the "address". A request to all who send photos to the editor to be more careful - we are talking about the reputation of other people. And thanks to the head of the Kemerovo traffic police department, Yu. Movshin, for a thorough and friendly letter. We hope your area will never be mentioned in the “Stop blooper” section again, all the more so for no reason.