Right to defense


The Spaniards have a saying: “A good life is expensive. They say there is another life, cheaper. But that is no longer life. ”


Unfortunately, the owners of many branded service stations “did not notice” the August crisis and still continue to live at the old prices, issuing impressive repair invoices to customers. It is considered normal if the standard hour of work in the price list is $ 40, which is more than five times higher than the minimum wage!

True, there is a formal explanation for this - for branded service stations, if they are owned by official dealers, the work cards, standards and typical prices are lowered by the manufacturer. And the station owner must strictly follow all the recommendations!

Some do so, forcing many owners of foreign cars to refuse branded services and switch to servicing in small specialized car services or, moreover, Uncle Vasya. But is firmly to follow - means "blindly"?

“In order not to lose customers, we reduced prices for all types of services by 20–25% over two years, ” said Alexander Abolonyshev, director of Avtolayt, the official dealer of Chrysler. - Of course, this did not affect the quality of work: we give a guarantee to everything we’ve done, both ours and Chrysler. We abandoned the very concept of “standard hour”; there is only the cost of a particular type of work. And we do something completely free - for example, replacing an air filter. The manufacturer recommends taking $ 5 for this. But try to explain to the owner why he should pay 140 rubles for the master to unscrew-tighten the four screws! (By the way, according to experts, high maintenance prices are one of the main reasons for buyers to “cool down” to the Swedish brands, which were so popular with us five years ago.)