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The heading materials were prepared by Denis BOROVITSKY, Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


Ford developers had to take unprecedented measures: the test driver was dressed in … an aging suit.

There are a lot of special costumes. Take at least high-altitude for military pilots: it will compress the whole body so that the "vacuum" is not felt and the blood does not boil in the veins. But is it possible to clamp joints and increase body weight in such a way that the young driver in his prime he feels 30 years older? And in collaboration with one of the universities in the UK, such a costume was created. What is hidden in its thickness?

There are special bandages against all joints, limiting mobility by about 25%. Studies have shown that this is how it decreases in an “average” person over the age of 55. Glasses reduce the angle of view, transparent gloves weaken the sense of touch. Oh yes, we still forgot to say about lead loads that simulate the decline of physical strength.

Here is how a thirty-six-year-old tester describes the “time travel” 30 years in advance: “I managed to get into the car without any problems, although not as fast as usual. But to reach the inertial belt was not easy. It became completely impossible to change the height of the headrest in a sitting position. On the go, the suit almost does not interfere, only you have to turn your head more often - special glasses affect. But the gloves - they really make it difficult to accurately hit the button with your finger, if it is small, and even located close to the others. " Incidentally, this is exactly what Focus designers took into account when developing the interior. And also - for the convenience of boarding and disembarking, the seat in this car was made higher than usual.