However, what kind of guest she is, this summer will drop by for a week or two, and goodbye, and ahead, for six months - snow, frost again … Therefore, the question of preparing for winter is always relevant. Here are some simple, but nonetheless important tips for novice motorists (as well as lovers!) Gives Stephen Randle - author of the famous illustrated encyclopedia "Your Car". Recently, it was translated into Russian and published in the publishing house “At the wheel”.



Fluid in the cooling system. If the liquid freezes, it will literally split the engine. At the service station, they can check what is poured into your car. Except in emergency cases, never pour clean water into the cooling system: “Tosol” (a mixture of antifreeze and water) does not just freeze in cold weather, but prevents corrosion of the engine cooling system.

Battery. A dead battery is the most common source of wintertime problems. Make sure it is charged, then clean the terminals and check that the contacts are seated tightly on them. If there are signs that the battery is near the end of its life, put a new one before winter.

Wipers and washers. You will have to use them much more often in the winter. The wiper blades should be in good condition (they are inexpensive, so it’s better to change them at the beginning of every winter).

Check the windshield washer (and rear, if you have one). Make sure that the nozzles are not clogged and direct the trickles to the glass, and not to the roof or hood. Always fill the washer reservoir to the top.

Hoses of the cooling system. Inspect for damage or leakage. Replace all suspicious hoses.

Belt drives. Look for damage to the belts, check their tension.

All operating fluids and filters. Add or replace fluids if necessary.

Signal lights. See if everyone is working. Replace the blown bulbs.