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No matter how the Volga lovers extol the dignity of the carburetor, his days are numbered.


“Volgovsky” injection is, first of all, MIKAS blocks created by ELKAR. Their share under the hoods of the Nizhny Novgorod injection vehicles is akin to the percentage of “For” votes in the Soviet elections. However, you must admit: it was always curious to find out what and who is hiding behind that "dissident" percentage, which is not enough up to a hundred … Let’s talk about it.

We have already told (ЗР, 1999, No. 7) that the light did not converge on MIKAS. Its strongest technical competitor is the Autron block. We’re going to Zhukovsky near Moscow - the parents of Avtron work at the NIIP named after Tikhomirova. I wonder how yesterday’s defense industry feels.

“Yes, in different ways, ” Victor Anatolyevich Cherkasov, CEO of Avtron, grins. - We don’t make friends with advertising in any way - we’re not used to praising ourselves, but the factories have no money for that. But in terms of technology, we drove well - mastered flash memory of the second level, created four levels of diagnostics, applied drivers of higher integration. Our system itself fights off almost all failures. Before starting the engine, we can catch a break in the synchronization sensor, find short-circuited turns in the coils, evaluate the readiness of the mass air flow sensor.

- What about the cost of the current block - I suppose it jumped a lot?

- No, it’s 3000 rubles, as it was. You still did not ask about diagnostics. Do not remember how much the DST tester costs - it seems 600 dollars? And we are connected to any “personal computer” - many have computers. Three of our software floppy disks with cable in addition cost … 2000 rubles! And the buyer of the Autron block receives one of the diskettes for free.

- Do you continue to repair old blocks?

- Rather, formally: they do not break! Three pieces were brought last month, this one - one. By the way, the Cheboksary ELARA promises no more than 1 failure per 40, 000 blocks - let's see …

- And why do Cheboksary switch to the Siemens processor - did you work at Intel first? Did something go wrong?

- You see, Intel 87C196 is unsurpassed in computational power - it’s an excellent processor for a computer, and for a car it’s a little “from someone else’s shoulder”. But Siemens 87C167 is a processor for a car, it has excellent peripherals. 16 channels of analog-to-digital converters, several dozen ports, 32 timers - in general, what you need. However, we use both: Ramensky and Stary Oskolsky factories use Intel, and ELARA begins to install Siemens.

- And how does GAZ look at all this?

- In words and on paper - very positively. But in reality … However, this is no longer in the technical field.

The situation is quite curious. Having relied on 16-bit microprocessors from the very beginning, the creators of Avtron provided their creation with a powerful development perspective, which they are successfully using today. The same picture with diagnostics is ridiculous to compare the capabilities of a calculator and a laptop. In addition, a computer today can be purchased in almost any basement, and there will be no problems with the repair. As for the applied elemental base, here Autron is multifaceted like no other. If you want to buy a repairable unit with discrete elements - take a product from the Ramensk plant, you want the same, but not "nashenskoe" - the old-skol option with smart electronic keys for "ignition" is suitable. By the way, an ignition unit for carburetor engines is produced on the basis of this product. And if you swing your finger at the “coolest” one, get the Avtron-ELARA Cheboksary device: here you have Euro III, and cylinder engine control, and anything else - at the stand, such a unit works quietly at frequencies up to 11, 000 rpm, polls several lambda probes and knock sensors, significantly surpassing the current Volga engine in intelligence. Note that Stary Oskol and Cheboksary have long mastered surface mounting, and therefore the interiors of the "autrons" they produce are not familiar with either soldering irons or the associated problems such as "overheated-underheated."

It's time to bend your fingers: production - at the level, circuitry - to choose from, diagnostics - modern, prices - see above … Blocks have been tested more than once not only in Nizhny Novgorod, but also in Ulyanovsk, Izhevsk, Ufa. About the comparative tests of Autron and MIKAS we talked about in a previous article. So what is Avtron missing for complete happiness? Only one thing - the abolition of someone's unspoken order.

General Director of Avtron LLC V. Cherkasov: “All our mental and technical resources are aimed at further improving the technology - but nothing remains for advertising …”