Fleet ZR



Model - VAZ 2105 3; manufacturer - AvtoVAZ; year of manufacture - 1995 (G), 1996 (K); in operation “Behind the wheel” - since 1999; mileage at the time of the report - 110 thousand km and 90 thousand km, respectively;

previous publications: - ЗР, 1999, No. 6; 2000, No. 1.


For more than a year, two VAZ 2105s, known after the first publication, have been working with us "traveling". Until now, they called us in the hope of getting an address where “combat” vehicles are sold so cheaply. Many people are not averse to buying something “sort of …” for a used foreign car or a new “nine”! One problem: if you study newspaper ads, you will find out - it’s not at all easy to buy a used, but still “living” car for the coveted 100-200 “bucks” (there are more smart ones!).

Among the cheap junk - “Zhiguli”, as a rule, with four-speed gearboxes, and, sometimes, readers scolded us for supposedly negative attitude to five-step gears on such machines! Perhaps we did not clearly enough express a very simple idea: if you bought the fifth gear (and even the sixth!) With the car, then ride on your health - you may notice some, albeit insignificant, advantages. If you got an old “five” with a four-speed gearbox, then its five-speed replacement is hardly justified: the money spent on such an operation is unlikely to return with saved gasoline until the car’s exhausted resource.

The subsequent “life” of Gorynych and Koshchei developed differently, as is the case with other cars. One got a young owner with ambitions, who was ready to immediately replace any detail that aroused even unreasonable suspicion. In love with the old car just enough to truly give her soul! (This is partly supported by a “modest" circumstance: the car is still … editorial! Therefore, our manager has a little less material problems than the private trader.)

And then say … In addition to the legitimate, inevitable expenses on which safety depends, at worst - comfort, Gorynych was presented with … alloy wheels from VSMPO, replaced the thin regular “donut” steering wheel with a more modern “seven”. Of course, in the old “five” the favorite rhythm of youth “boom-boom-boom …” rumbles - the owner installed (on his own money, mind you) the corresponding “music”.

In a word, many old cars would envy Gorynych. A scratch will hardly happen on a door or wing - look, already painted over … And on Koshchei’s body there are still scars, but the owner, press, a 40-year-old cynic, says: it doesn’t affect the speed! We hear the same reasoning in response to comments about the deterioration of the rest of the “materiel” - they say, why spend money if you can not spend? Why paint over scratches if Movil is no worse and there is no guarantee that they will not be scratched again tomorrow. Disks, however, once painted with vaunted foreign enamel. In advertising - put on rust and everything will be transformed itself, grasp and will last 100 years. And so it happened: they peeled off after a week. And thanks for that: Koschey managed to slip through the inspection! In the ascetic life of this "five" - ​​nothing more! Once, having climbed with “production goals” onto a forest-laden road, Koschey lost his silencer overnight. In such a situation, Gorynych would immediately whisper to a new exhaust system, and Koshchei - at least henna! So he roared for about two months, until, finally, the fisted owner decided … Do you think to replace the muffler? No matter how! - patched the old one with welding, now he also "whispers" …

Or take, for example, last winter. Unfortunate enough. Koschey slipped … The right doors were crumpled, the middle pillar bent, pulling the roof, the windows flew out … Our craftsmen restored Koschey: documentary shots are attached. Costs - at a minimum, only for glass, iron, paint. I managed to keep within 200 dollars. Although the other side is also obvious with this coin: having broken a car bought cheaply, you will have to pay for repairs without discounts, like for a new one!

By and large, the "five" are true to themselves, that is, they do not differ from other "Lada". Today they are not so reliable, but this is partially offset by an abundance of spare parts for sale (also - not always high quality!) And rather low prices.

For the past period, Gorynych needed new tires (bought a Kama-205), shock absorbers, ball joints, silent blocks of the front suspension arms, the driver’s glass door (the old one was worn to a dull condition). Of course, you need to take into account the cost of work, if you yourself can not cope with them. We were mainly rescued by the technical center of the ZR “Tushino”, designed to “keep afloat” the machines of the publishing house. The carburetor and ignition periodically required attention, and once the steering gear. I had to adjust. They asked for polite intervention and door hinges - from time to time they got tense and sank. And, of course, what “Lada” without adjusting the “descent-camber”!

And what happened to Koshchei? Initially, it did not matter (to put it mildly!) The heater warmed up. Checked (see. Fig.), As "Tosol" circulates in its radiator. It turned out that it was circulating properly … Yes, in the wrong way! Bypassing the cooling tubes. Because the partition that separates the entrance from the exit has fallen off (see Fig. B). I had to unsolder the radiator and put it in place.

Steering gear Koshchei … naturally ended. The reasons are left to the conscience of the previous owners. When we took it apart, we realized: repairing is more expensive for yourself. Bought a new one. At the same time changed the tips of the steering rods.

I had to look for Koschey another, hardy (that is, almost bald and crooked) reserve. The former, as a sin, was new. She, of course, was taken away … "Lada" -sedan - a very attractive car for those who want to quietly get hold of free gasoline. The corks of the tanks, protected by locks, were quickly hacked - cars somehow spend the night in the open … One means remained: we leave so much gasoline at night that stealing it is a technical feat.

The least was the failure of electrical equipment, although there was an unpleasant episode in the life of Gorynych: there were problems with … it is not known when, where and by whom the anti-theft was installed, moreover, the interior illumination lamps did not turn on. Those masters connected the anti-theft with standard wires on the “twists” - and all this on the floor, near the thresholds! The result is predictable: what has been twisted has long turned into an emerald green, non-conductive product.

"A-instead-of-the-heart-of-the-flame-motors" is fine. Gasoline consumption on country roads averages about 8 l / 100 km. In the city more. Sometimes - significantly, a liter for two or three - depending on which traffic jams we find ourselves in. Standing without movement with the engine running, the word "economy" is better not to remember.

Both engines seem to develop rated power - this can be judged by the dynamic and speed indicators of the cars, as well as by simple facts: once we had to tow a car transporter trailer with an emergency Yerema, and Koshchey did a good job of this. And Gorynych somehow easily pulled on the rope a hefty "Musso" …

The transmission is also in order. There were no complaints about gearboxes or rear axle gearboxes. Everything is switching. Nothing is buzzing. Perhaps we were very lucky with the gearboxes, there are so many complaints about them in recent years …

Finally - the bodywork. Both are in good condition, even less well-groomed - Koshchei. Most likely because the “anticorrosion” has been carried out more than once.

In the near future - to equip cars with electric headlight corrections for the production of a household appliance factory in Izhevsk, by the way - certified by VAZ. And the infamous full-time hydraulic corrector refused a long time ago. The fluid has leaked out. Putting the same again hardly makes sense. Experience suggests that everything will happen again … It seems that this is also understood at VAZ. Without proofreaders, it’s inconvenient: today the car is empty, tomorrow loaded … Who wants to climb under the hood, turn the headlight screws? We will describe the installation of proofreaders in the “On our own” section.

How much did the operation of cars (gasoline, oil and technical fluids not count) cost during the reporting period? If we forget that the installation of parts for Koshchei and Gorynych was free, but on the contrary put yourself in the place of any private car owner, then Koschey would ease the owner's wallet by about 5000 rubles, and Gorynych by 6800 rubles. The latter - excluding "music", that is 270 dollars! In other words, having bought a car very cheaply, nobody has been spared the need to pay for all subsequent “pleasures” on a full scale.