The column materials were prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKIY and Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


Volkswagen Polo

This year, one of the best compact German cars Volkswagen Polo celebrated its 25th anniversary. Since its first public appearance in March 1975 in Hanover, the Polo has bribed with a progressive front-wheel drive of that time, unpretentious and at the same time attractive design, affordable price. Volkswagen has been steadily following this recipe for Polo for a quarter of a century, which has allowed it to sell more than 6.5 million cars of three generations. The last of them was “retouched” a year ago and, apparently, in this version they will be released before the appearance of a completely new model in the next year or two.

In the meantime, Volkswagen to some extent updated more than 60% of the details of the car, and among the modifications there was a “charged” version of the GTi, according to which fans of the active driving style among the Polos had already been bored - it disappeared from the model line in 1994.

Externally, the “Polo GTi” is easy to distinguish by the mesh radiator, fog lights and 15-inch rubber on the elegant BBS alloy wheels. A trio of chrome-plated control devices, a “leather” steering wheel and sports seats are called upon to raise the “fighting spirit” of the driver. Naturally, the “hot” version also got the most powerful 125-horsepower engine with a sports exhaust system, which willingly sets the tachometer needle to the mark of 6900 rpm for fast driving.

According to the reviews of the owners, the Polo GTi has its drawbacks. Among them are called cramped rear seats, "slurred" suspension and transmission gear ratios stretched for the sake of economy, which does not allow to fully realize the capabilities of the engine.

Technical specifications