Most of the inexpensive foreign cars on the Russian market are far from new models. They are released under license or transferred to subsidiaries after the parent is taken for the next novelty. Among the few exceptions to this rule are SEAT-Ibiza.


The first generation Ibiza has its history since 1984. A new model, largely unified with the Volkswagen Polo, appeared in 1993. The compact hatchback acquired its current appearance after last year's restyling, which mainly affected elements of the external decor and interior. All this time, the car was produced and produced in Barcelona at the headquarters of a Spanish company.


The most expensive version of the Ibiza, with a liter gasoline engine (50 hp), costs $ 8950 in Russia. For the money you get a three-door hatchback in the base Select. What is included in it? In general, a lot. Power steering, audio training, immobilizer, headlight adjustment, body bumpers, light tinted windows, rear spoiler, additional brake light, heating and rear window cleaner. Add steel wheels with plastic caps, textile upholstery, a folding split rear seat, a watch, an outside temperature gauge and get a complete picture.

A five-door car ($ 400 surcharge) with a 1.4 liter engine (plus 10 hp and $ 1, 550) visited our test. Features of its configuration - height-adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat in the absence of a power steering. Total - $ 10 800. In some cases, dealers give discounts, so - bargain!

There are options and more expensive. Let’s say a 1.6-liter engine (75 hp) raises the price to $ 12, 200. A 1.8-liter 1.8-V turbocharged “gun” with five valves per cylinder will cost as much as $ 22, 000, but that’s another money, other equipment and other customers.


Like any compact car, Ibiza is primarily designed for urban use. Among the advantages, we note the small size, good maneuverability, high-torque quiet motor, which gives the car a lively character. The latter, combined with a stiff short-stroke suspension and sharp steering allows you to confidently “flash” not-so-fatal traffic jams and lovers of dynamic driving style will surely like it. The payback for this is significant vertical accelerations on bumps with the threat of “breakdown” of the suspension of a loaded car. When parking, you feel the lack of power steering, although you cannot call the steering wheel heavy. In the urban crowd, the driver will surely complain about the small internal and right outside mirrors, and when reversing, and to the high rear side, which forces one to stretch the neck.


On a long outing trip, the lively and sharp character of the Ibiza turns into other properties. The driver, accustomed to “nimble” in the city, suddenly discovers that on the highway, when you go under the “hundred”, the dynamics are not the same: if you want to have a reserve of traction, for example, when overtaking, work intensively with the gear lever while maintaining high engine speeds. Moreover, with vertical buildup, a noticeable “yaw” occurs due to sensitive steering, which requires constant attention and correction. The loaded car, of course, behaves calmer, but it has not so much suspension travel, and you know how to drive it … In general, if you just need to get to the cottage without adrenaline rushing, take your time.

The instruction requires filling the car with gasoline with an octane rating of at least “95”. If not, Ibiza can be content with the 92nd, only unleaded - a lambda probe and a neutralizer are installed in the exhaust system. Formally, with the existing abundance of tire shops, the “dock” under the trunk floor is not a fault, and yet many would prefer to see a full wheel in its place. As they say, there is no asking, but someday it will come in handy.


Of course, off-road feats are not for Ibiza: the modest Zhiguli wheels of 175 / 70R13 dimensions, the angle of entry is small due to the developed front spoiler, and the lack of protection under the engine compartment is not only against stumps or stones, but even against splashes. And taking into account the Russian dirt and “salty” winters, even when operating only in the city, you need to install some kind of screen, otherwise visits to the service cannot be avoided. At the same time, we note the high torsional rigidity of the body - even with diagonal hanging, the doors close easily. Lockers are installed in the wheel arches, the ground clearance, in any case, in an empty car, is not so small, and the high-torque motor allows the “pull-ups” to move without any problems.


If there is a large one among them, it is better to put it forward: the doors swing open wide, the range of longitudinal adjustment of the chair is large. However, the massive front panel and center console will not let you fall apart. Sitting back is a little more difficult - the doorway is smaller, and the passenger at a height of 180 cm almost rests his head against the ceiling. However, you can slide a little down and forward, since the backs of the front seats are concave at the back, and the spacious foot pads for legs in the floor allow you to sit almost in ski boots. The third here will be clearly superfluous: a higher landing will force him to bow his head humbly, and 130 cm wide for three is not so much. Extreme ones will have to protect their heads from contact with plastic racks.

The updated interior, although simple enough and made without unnecessary inventions, is quite modern and cute. On the front panel are several additional shelves, niches and even a separate box for credit cards. But smokers will be unhappy - getting a cigarette into the microscopic ashtray, which is also located behind the gear lever, is not easy in the parking lot, but on the go … By the way, this is not such an insignificant trifle as it might seem at first glance - in many In countries, drivers are forbidden to even talk on a cell phone, so as not to be distracted from driving.

A little bit about the driver, more precisely, about his workplace. It is quite convenient and functional, although not without some “buts”: the platform for the left leg is too vertical, the ignition switch is inaccessible, the sound signal works only when the ignition is on, not everyone will like the red illumination of devices.


The modest exterior of the Ibiza trunk is actually not so small: the thin “dokatka” pancake made it possible to lower the floor as much as possible, and the high feed - to raise the shelf higher. As a result, 230 l of foam blocks were pushed into the luggage compartment. In addition, the asset includes folding split (40:60) backrest and rear seat cushion, as well as a wide rear door reaching the bumper itself. In general, not a truck, but there are few other cars of the same size capable of more. But no one else has such a beautiful emblem handle on the fifth door.


Such a disaster can lie in wait for any car, but this is especially undesirable for the CEAT. There are few cars of this brand in Russia and in dealers' warehouses you will find mostly only “consumables”: brake pads, ball bearings, shock absorbers and the like trifle. The Ibiza owner’s life will be greatly facilitated by the fact that, mechanically, it’s almost a Volkswagen Polo. Worse if an accident occurs - original exterior parts, as a rule, have to be ordered and then wait a few weeks. The guarantee in Russia is the same as in Europe - a year without a mileage limit.

“SEAT-Ibiza” is a modern, compact city car, the main disadvantages of which are the poor “untwisted” brands and, as a result, the not very developed service.

The editors thank the company "Rosinka" for the provided car.

Photo by Vladimir TRUSOV


"SEAT-" Doninvest-VAZ-

Ibiza "Assol" 2112

Seats 5 5 5

Curb weight (kg) 955 1021 1080

Gross weight, kg 1415 1595 1555

Maximum speed, km / h 157 172 186

Acceleration 0–100 km / h, from 15.1 12.5 12.0

Turning radius, m 5.4 4.9 5.5

Highway fuel consumption 5.3 6.2 5.0

city, l / 100 km 8.8 12.6 6.3 / 8.8 *

Fuel reserve, l 45 48 43

Fuel AI-95 AI-92 AI-92

The number of cylinders x valves 4x8 4x8 4x16

Engine displacement, smz 1390 1498 1499

Power, kW / l. with. 44/60 63/86 69/94

at rpm 5000 5800 5600

Torque, N.m 116 130 130

at rpm 3000 3400 3600

Length, mm 3875 4074 4170

Width, mm 1640 1678 1670

Height, mm 1420 1432 1430

Base, mm 2445 2520 2490

Track, mm 1430/1395 1405/1425 1400/1370

Ground clearance, mm 150 160 165

Trunk volume, l 250/800 250/885 400

* At 90/120 / HZ.



Shock absorbers front / rear 70/60

Springs front / rear 62/54

Ball joint 40


Steering rack 740

Front / Rear Brake Shoe Set 42/54

Clutch Basket 280

Filters: air / fuel / oil 26/25/12

Alternator belt 22

Timing belt 36

Hood 360

Wing 120

Doors front / rear 320/320

Windshield 280

Headlight Assembly 140

Turn Signal 32