The column materials were prepared by Mikhail GZOVSKIY and Alexey VOROBYEV-OBUKHOV


Mitsubishi Pajero IO / "> Mitsubishi Pajero IO

Mitsubishi traditionally pays a lot of attention to all-terrain models. Along with one of the most popular cars of this brand in the world - the Pajero, it produces many modifications of all-terrain vehicles for the markets of several countries and entire continents. For example, in the USA, fans of the “off road” style prefer the comfortable “Pajero Montero”, in Japan the miniature “Pajero Mini” and “Pajero Junior” go with a bang. About two years ago, Pajero iO joined them. Just at that time, the company began actively introducing its know-how - GDI gasoline engines with direct fuel injection into the cylinder. Naturally, iO was equipped with just such a motor. And last summer, the mini-SUV was honored to become the first carrier of a GDI engine equipped with a turbocharger - no one has yet proposed such a combination to Mitsubishi.

From traditional engines combining multi-point fuel injection and turbocharging, it is extremely difficult to achieve an instant response of the turbine to the opening of the throttle. Simply put, with a sharp pressure on the gas pedal, for example, in case of overtaking, a pause follows first, and only after it the motor “wakes up”. This is due to the fact that at low loads the speed of rotation of the turbine is small, since the pressure of the exhaust gases that drive it is small. The specificity of the GDI turbo engine is such that under low load conditions it runs on a lean mixture and generates an exhaust stream of approximately twice as much, as a result of which the turbine rotates much faster than a classic motor. Hence, one of the main advantages of the new Mitsubishi engine is its almost instant reaction to the driver’s command.

An indisputable plus of "Turbo GDI" is also in high efficiency. The fuel consumption of the new unit is comparable to that of a naturally-aspirated GDI engine of a similar volume and significantly lower than conventional turbo engines with multi-point injection. So the appearance in the near future of the GDI series supercharged engines on other Mitsubishi models is beyond doubt.