For you and your car

The column materials were prepared by Mikhail KOLODOCHKIN


In order to steal a car equipped with a brand new security alarm from St. Petersburg, the hijacker will have to study wolf habits. For good reason, the developers christened their offspring "Polar Wolf" …

There are quite a lot of wolves in the pack - there are also “puppies” like PW-200, and matured PW-310, and inveterate PW-351. Everyone knows how to protect the car - they are wolves, but it is clear that the wolf cub does not have all the talents of a leader. Hence the price difference: the PW-200 costs from 17 y. e. for bulk procurement up to 25 at. e. Retail, PW-310 - from 23 to 32, and PW-351 - from 33 to 52. Warranty for "wolves" - from one year for PW-200 to three for PW-351.

In appearance, the St. Petersburg "wolves" are more reminiscent of their domesticated counterparts - this is facilitated by standard buildings purchased at other enterprises. The insides of St. Petersburg PW look good. The pessimist, of course, will pay attention to ugly sensors with soldered nuts and coil springs, but the majority of “foreigners” contain the same thing … But the optimist will immediately notice modern SMD elements, and the patriot will catch a glimpse of domestic relays and transistors . Such variegation is understandable - a complete transition to quality imports would inevitably triple the price, and excessive patriotism is fraught with a loss of quality. The Polar Wolf is just in the middle, combining affordable cost with a decent set of functions - from two dozen for the PW-200 to fifty in the PW-351.