We all love to speculate about the only car in the family, which, as they say, is a feast, a peace, and good people. People go to work on it, transport relatives to the country, engage in private transportation, and all this is done on one, indispensable and beloved. Is it necessary to specify once again how universal a vehicle should be in a country with an extremely low income level. However, in Russia, for some reason, sedans are the most popular, and yet, it would seem, universal derivatives based on them are better suited for such conditions.

Is this a tribute to traditions, prestige or some technical criteria? I think there is no single answer. The explanation that the luggage compartment is better insulated in a three-volume body sounds naive - today it is very rare to see a sedan with a rigid separation of the passenger compartment and the trunk. Let us try to assess the degree of universality of cars using the example of the "tenth" family, and not only in terms of transportation of goods, but also from the perspective of the driver and passengers.


We can say the head of the clan, because the first was born and it was on it that “tenth” innovations were worked out and brought. Naturally, he got harsh criticisms more than others. Nevertheless, the car survived and, in general, sold well.

The VAZ 2110 3 Editorial Park is truly an elder. Having passed difficult driving routes, having passed the tests of tires and shock absorbers, he slowly eats up oil and prepares for a well-deserved rest, getting the kilometers that are missing before running out of resources. Nevertheless, today it is one of the fastest and most efficient domestic cars in the editorial office. Moreover, the sedan still knows how to ride quite well, easily controlling the younger brothers by the handling ability. Of course, he is familiar with most of the “ten-fold” driver problems, but this machine still allows “something”.

In the back seat, the passengers here are generally bearable. However, the drop-down roof, "pressing" on the head, does not allow to sit down as we would like.

This car transported a lot of various cargoes in its life - mainly canisters.

But here he was offered a larger subject - a TV. Alas, the sedan is not very suitable for its transportation. As it turned out, the standard box from the 21-inch monitor is not included not only in the trunk, but also in the interior. No matter how we contrive, nothing worked. So in real life there are two ways out: either a roof rack or a “bare” TV without a box. It's a shame, all the more so since such a container fit into the cabin of the much more modest Renault Clio without any problems. But the rest of the test items fit in the interior and trunk of the sedan without any problems. You can only find fault with a rib protruding above the bumper, which increases the loading height. It is convenient to put in the "top ten" and long ones. No need to fold out the seats - I opened a special hatch and stuck skis and other oversized rubbish into it.


Appearing later than a sedan and experiencing childhood illnesses, mainly caused by workarounds, VAZ 2111 immediately gained the respect of those who really use the car in a wide range of tasks.

According to driving sensations, the "eleventh" turned out to be lazier than his brother. Affected less rigid body, other rear suspension springs, increased mass. However, against the background of a rather boring, from the point of view of the active driver, the “tens” of losses are not so catastrophic. But a few centimeters above the head increased behind, which earned praise from the passengers. Naturally, more convenient and the trunk. Behind the fifth door is a huge "hollow" with a record loading height compared to the rest. After removing the rear shelf, our entire belongings fit in here without any problems, and even the place remains. It is not so convenient to place long objects here. Even the unfolded back and pillow do not compensate for the advantages of the “tenth” hatch. Apparently, therefore, on the wagon there were special "skis" on the roof. It’s very easy to buy two crossbars for them - and another trunk is ready.

When transforming the cabin, one more difficulty is encountered - there is nowhere to put a massive rear shelf. Well, when the garage is at hand, and if not? It seems that its flexible counterpart, so often found on foreign cars, would fit "eleventh" better.


In the marketing policy of the plant, the hatchback was previously assigned the role of a high-speed car with elements of sportiness. The shortened rear overhang, more complete body contours and a sixteen-valve engine should, according to the plan of the factory workers, give the car a unique look in the eyes of the driver, which was so lacking for the brothers. Alas - the impression, in general, is the same.

The hatchback's driving characteristics differ little from the sedan, as, incidentally, are the conveniences for rear passengers. It is even tighter in height. But with the luggage compartment, the situation is somewhat different. It is undoubtedly shorter, but due to the larger opening it is not so demanding on the size of the cargo. Only a solid slope of the rear door limits the use of the entire trunk. The rest is quite convenient, at least with regard to our reference TV. The minus is the newly increased loading height, the impenetrable fifth door, the shelf, which, like in the station wagon, is difficult to find a place, as well as a limited length.


The result of the experiments is quite clearly visible in the photo. Here, the wagon is beyond competition. The payment for this is its somewhat more “philistine" character.

Sedan and hatchback with the same power ratio from a driver’s position are almost the same. But shipping is preferable to the "twelfth". This car is much less picky about the shape and size of the cargo.

Of course, a host of all kinds of nuances will manifest itself in the operation of each of the three cars. Therefore, the final choice, of course, is up to the consumer.

1. Such a gentlemanly set of the "top ten" is not within the power.

2. The central hatch is great for skiing and long lengths.

3. Alas, the TV overboard.

4. The ideal of a flea marketer. Here are just long-lengths in this case have to put on the roof.

5. Take the box - no problem.

6. Even the unfolded, rear seat does not allow comfortable ski attachment.

7. With a TV and a suitcase, but without a canister.


VAZ 2110 VAZ 2111 VAZ 2112

923 970 895


VAZ 2110 VAZ 2111 VAZ 2112

L 1000 1000 930

L1 450 450 480

L2 620 620 660