Once upon a time in the VAZ 2110 model range, a three-door hatchback with a sports bias was also conceived, but at the design stage it was "reduced". And here he is again in the "tenth" clip - so far in the form of a prototype. Factory workers prefer the term "coupe" - but do not confuse it with another, based on the 2110 sedan (ZR, 2001, No. 3). Already this summer, the VAZ plans to begin production of the coupe in small batches, in the future - up to two to three thousand a year. Partial assembly will take place on the main conveyor, and after the main operations are completed, the machine will take up space on the slipway. Next - manual assembly, taking into account the wishes of a particular buyer.

The factory index 21123, assigned to the new product, suggests that this is not a new model, but only a modification of the VAZ 2112. At first glance, they only reduced the number of doors. But at the same time small strokes appeared that significantly changed the already existing appearance of the five-door hatchback. There are not many changes, but it seems as if it is a completely different car.


For all manufacturers, such a modification, as a rule, is divided into two branches. The first is cheaper, in a modest configuration, intended mainly for young people. The second - with a claim to sportiness, equipped with a more powerful engine and a stiffer (for the sake of handling) suspension for lovers of spicy dishes. Our newcomer gravitates towards a sports branch.

The simplest “standard” configuration with a VAZ 2112 engine and 14-inch wheels is aimed at business people who, as a rule, use only one or two seats (the rear seat, however, is present “just in case”). Only the definition of "cheap" is not about her - the machine, although simple from a technical point of view, but a small-scale exclusive is always more expensive than a mass product. But depending on the nature and solvency of the client, the car will be equipped with everything that the soul desires. You can choose from: 14 and 15-inch wheels, several seat options - standard “tenths”, original bucket type and even branded “Recaro”, air conditioning, power steering. And a little later there will be a version of "sport" - with an increased engine and tires 195 / 55R15.

It is likely that real athletes will find it attractive: a more rigid three-door body structure improves the handling of the car. Not for nothing that they prefer the G8 from Samar.

Let's take a look at the new product. The only stand that divides the cockpit profile in half made the silhouette much more concise, elegant, cleaner. But the image is created not only by the abolition of small details with the simultaneous enlargement of the remaining. Other design solutions “work” for him - for example, a rear spoiler. It seems to grow out of the window-sill line, effectively surrounds the back and, despite the inscribed stop signal, looks more noble than its counterpart with the conveyor “twelfth”. Especially if you put the car next.

An important role in changing the image was played by large fifteen-inch wheels and enlarged arches. With them, the well-fed “twelfth” piglet noticeably “dried up” and even visually gained some agility.

Slightly smaller exterior mirrors have lost congenital deafness and now, according to designers, are more consistent with the body style.


Of course, the doors: after all, they became wider by two hundred millimeters. This will be appreciated by “respectable” people - how many times have I noticed how they hardly squeeze into the standard “ten” or “twelfth”. For access to the back seat, the backrests recline in the same way as in 2108. And even if the doorway is “one hundred twenty-third” a bit narrower than “eight”, the rear passengers will not feel this thanks to the almost vertical middle pillar. (In the VAZ 2108, it is tilted forward - a stylistic decision - which, upon entering the rear seat, causes some inconvenience.)

Heavier doors required new hinges. They are more durable, cast and, by the way, will soon be installed on all vehicles of the "tenth" family.

The central pillar that moved back caused a change in the side of the body: it is here, original, like the door.

The technical effect of the abolition of the two doors is a stiffer body. The numbers are still being clarified, but it is already clear that the coupe is much stiffer in twisting than the five-door “twelfth”. For the average consumer, this is probably not so important, but athletes and specialists involved in the installation of various kinds of stretch marks and braces on machines of the “tenth” family will appreciate this indicator. Of course, I had to sacrifice a smooth ride a little - the body stopped playing, softening tremors, but its handling was noticeably improved. A stiffer suspension also contributes to this.

Such a character will appeal to active drivers who use the car not only for their own movement, but for the sake of it, who enjoy the process itself. For them, the top version with a 1.8 liter engine will be most interesting. It will be mounted on a stretcher to make the front even stiffer and “sharpen” the steering. At the same time, a concomitant effect will also appear - the vibrations transmitted from the engine to the body will slightly decrease.


I don’t need an enlarged door, to the best of my skinny (however, well-fed “athletes” may note this as a merit of the car). I just sat down, didn’t even start, and it seems that you are at least already a candidate for master of sports. Here you completely stop thinking about comfort.

The seats would be tougher to fit the body and help to feel the car and exhaust vertebra so that the blood was hot! Yes, instead of the faceless bit of the exhaust pipe - a luxurious chrome double-barreled megaphone! But then the “twelfth” motor is not enough - it will be needed twice as powerful as from a place - like a cannon! The suspension is noticeably stiffer than standard, but for a real, combat vehicle is still soft.

However, the coupe was created even for energetic, but still normal operation, and not for rally. For those who like a sports crush and jumping over the railway crossing, tuning will help. The steering is “elastic”, strict, clear, reminiscent of the “eight”. In any case, the difference with the "twelfth" is very noticeable. And probably, I would refuse the hydraulic booster. Yes, it reduces steering effort, which is especially nice when parking. But, helping, still conceals the pleasure of driving this car.