Sergei Yakovlevich Lemeshev (he played the role of Petit), of course, cannot be replaced by anyone, however, it’s high time to try to equip the salons of his cars with second-rate, and “real” equipment. Of course, you can always call auto music an excess, not having a direct impact on the dynamics of the car, but … But a good mood? What about the latest news? Yes, in the end, how much can you humiliate both the car and yourself by trying to create something worthwhile from the speakers from the grandfather's player and the “Climber” lying in the “glove compartment” of the era of black and white television? Moreover, this topic can rightfully be considered exhausted - all last year we just did that we considered various options for building a “small orchestra” - one more economical than the other. We will not waste money in the new year, but it’s high time to raise the price level at least to a thousand and a half dollars. It is precisely to how to manage the sum of such a level in a prudent manner that our upcoming “musical stories” will be devoted to.



1. Expensive equipment, installed tyap-blap, always sounds worse than cheap, adjusted to the conscience.

2. Alone in the field is not a warrior: even the most high-quality and expensive component of the system cannot improve its sound alone if the rest of its “colleagues”, as they say, “do not pull”.

3. Do not save on wires and connectors! A smart amplifier plus thin wires equals a complete failure.


When one broken girl from the once popular program “Love at First Sight” was asked how she would behave with a young man, if he, excuse me, doesn’t know anything, then the answer was not long in coming: let’s go to the library and reads what's what! Very good advice - that’s what we’ll do. Just let's not go to the library, but to a reputable installation center - for a consultation.

Having decided to spend decent money, there is nothing to be shy about - you need to consult only with the best of the best. There are at least three good centers in Moscow - SoundLab, SV Art, Audio Surgery … find the phone, make an appointment and post your problems. As a rule, the service is paid, but it’s not scary: firstly, a competent manager will outline a clear procedure for you in an hour and a half, which can be implemented independently, at least in another similar office, and secondly, if the proposed program suits you and you are ready to give your car to work at least immediately, then the indicated amount will most likely be returned to you!

We thank those who are satisfied with our consultation for their trust and congratulate you on saving money - they will still be useful to you. Based on the question “what to buy” is best from the amount of money allocated to this target spending. For example, we note that the "versed" owners of used cars worth up to ten thousand dollars put on the "music" thousands of two or three. However, a couple of years ago there was a completely inexplicable effect when the musical needs of the owners of Samar unexpectedly jumped up to four to five thousand dollars - which just doesn't happen in Russia … But we got distracted.

So, from 1 to 1, 5 thousand dollars. We put acoustics at the forefront - there can be no doubt. We get the lion's share of a sensible music system right away - these are speakers, wires, podiums, vibration and noise isolation, settings, etc. Pure front sound - even without subwoofers and amplifiers - is already able to satisfy almost any listener, even very knowledgeable in these matters .


Well, there is a choice … If you like a soft, noble, thoroughbred sound - then, as they say, “send” to Israel, more precisely - pay attention to Israeli Morel models - for example, Dotech or Hibrid with their advanced technologies. If you want an even softer sound, then you are welcome to Italy - RCF makes excellent components. Please note that such "Italians" are not sold by the whole collective farm, but only component-wise. Other major manufacturers include the Swedish DLS and its Ultimate series. There is still Diamond Audio, Dinaudio - in general, you won’t be left without a purchase. Two midbasses and two tweeters - this may be enough for the first time, and forever.

However, we made serious tactlessness … Acoustics by acoustics, and where is the “head”?


Well, the elections of the head unit will be carried out with more bias than last year. Sweep, let’s say, on the Nacamichi CD 45Z! Or at least for a model with an index of 40 or even 35 - anyway, this is a very high level of quality - it will not be a shame! Note that inside these models there is simply a “well, very good” amplifier - not every “head” can say the same about itself. Strict design, cool options - thing! However, if you want not a disk, but a cassette, then do not get confused in the indexes: you need not a CD, but TD! Although, frankly, the cassette player as the only storage medium in a modern car looks at least strange, but because the disc changer will subsequently be an obligatory addition to the cassette recorder.

Such worthy brands as the Pioneer 7 Series, Alpine CDA7894 or, of course, Clarion can become a worthy “head” in your car. By the way, if you are looking for exotic, you can go on principle and look for a very rare model HX-D10 at Clarion. This "limited edition", generally speaking, is focused only on the American market, but if you want adventure (the topic of overseas vehicles deserves a separate discussion, and we will definitely return to it), then why not?

What else to say about these worthy “heads”? All serious models necessarily allow the subsequent “upgrade” - this does not mean buying a new “head”, but connecting a changer, amplifiers, etc. For some models, the linear outputs are controlled - so, “Alpine” allows you to control the subwoofer: level, cutoff frequency etc. “Pioneer” will help you easily “throw the phase” - if you want to show off to the consultant, then ask him this question … As for the “Alpines”, so they had a little revolution in general: built-in disk “heads” appeared processors! And where the processor is, almost everything is possible - in any case, you can forever forget that the driver in our cars always sits closer to the left channel than to the right.

As for the tuners, in general, there is nothing - there is not much difference between them. Unless the presence in some of them of the “nashenskoy, upvashashny” range - basically today it is already a rarity. But if you want to listen to the Orpheus radio station, then pay attention to the line of models from JVC - there you will surely pick up what you need.