BY means of the driver's medical commission

If you conduct a mini-sociological survey on the street, then, probably, one hundred of the first hundred people you meet, without hesitation, will answer that a medical board for drivers and candidates for a driver’s license is necessary and its purpose is not to allow driving a vehicle (remember - it’s a source increased danger!) an unhealthy, sick person who simply cannot be trusted with a steering wheel. It’s not an hour, he will sit down at the wheel, and he’ll do business … And if (God forbid!) He will be entrusted with driving a bus or a fuel truck? Comments, as they say, are unnecessary. So our valiant doctors are called to divide everyone into healthy and sick, and as a tool they were given the order of the USSR Ministry of Health No. 555 of September 29, 1989, which explicitly states that "the general line of Soviet health care is to increase the effectiveness of prevention." Who will argue with this?


If anyone remembers, back in the early 90s in almost ten million Moscow there were only two specialized "driver" clinics authorized to issue medical certificates of form 083 / U-89 (for submission to the traffic police). To get the treasured piece of paper, without which you can see neither “rights” nor technical inspection, you had to take two certificates from psycho-and drug dispensaries, defend a long line … Is it the case now: in any metropolitan telephone directory, advertising newspaper - a dozen specialized driving medical commissions and about fifty city clinics and various centers that are eager to provide you with such a service. Within a few days we phoned more than forty! Usually, for all interrogations, a male or female voice quietly drummed the memorized text: "Have a passport, certificates from a narcologist and psychiatrist (no? Have an examination with our specialists), photos and money." The amount was called - from 120 to 500 rubles. In seven places they asked to bring a military ID, in three - information about the blood type. So, it turns out, everything is simple.

For the sake of the experiment, they decided to complicate the task a little and started talking about the fact that "there are small vision problems." “Small” is one eye - 9.5, and the other +3.5. In principle, according to Order No. 555, “the difference in the strength of the lenses of two eyes should not exceed 3 diopters” (paragraph 12.1.4). But in no medical institution did we get a turn from the gate! Come, they say, we’ll figure it out, and in general, “if a person sees with glasses normally, then he is suitable for driving.” Hm …

They tried to "mow" and under the "complete brake". But even the obvious, as it seemed to us, signs of Down's disease did not change the situation. In response, it sounded: "Come, see."


You can, of course, hear a hundred times, but it is better to see once. We started going for a medical certificate in the registry of the district polyclinic No. 112. “Can I get a medical certificate?” - “Driving? This is in office 505. "

Behind the door - telephones, computers, renovation. Impressive. But the price for a reference is rather big - 412 rubles. For the achievements of science and beauty you have to pay … "Do you need a medical certificate?" - "Yes-ah", - saliva, however, does not want to drip, but the look is idiotic. “Passport and photograph, please. Do you have “rights”? ”-“ Nah, why? ”(Obviously asking for a more thorough examination!). - “And in order to mark your category in the certificate, ” the doctor does not even raise his eyes from the papers, not paying attention to all the tricks. It's a shame even! They tried in vain, rehearsed - the certificate was written out and sealed with a triangular seal of the clinic. Three minutes for everything! No inspection, no help! Nothing! But we won’t think badly - apparently, the doctor, put on the issuance of certificates, has remarkable psychic abilities and can, even without looking at the patient, determine exactly whether he is suitable for driving or not.

It’s too early to draw conclusions, we counted … We went to several other centers, but never in any of us measured the pressure, examined the veins (and there are more and more drug addicts every year), we did not check the vestibular apparatus (although there were special chairs in almost every medical board!) and almost never asked for vision, although all doctors know that almost 30% of men are color blind.

Then we decided again to complicate the conditions of the experiment. We found a person who was obviously unfit for driving a car with a “full set” - atrial fibrillation, constantly increased pressure (paragraph 12.1.24), and vision was a separate issue. From a medical point of view, it is impossible to categorically allow him to drive a car - according to the Order of the Ministry of Health, to deteranops or deteranomals, and in everyday life, color-blind people (not everyone, however, but those who do not distinguish between two or more colors), there is no place behind the wheel. It is understandable - the driver should not merge green and red into one color. And we chose a driver’s commission to be - specialized, with half a century (!) Experience in this field - on Raskova Street. The latest equipment, professional doctors … But we are not too fast-witted - they offered Viktor Ivanovich, our hero, to study polychromatic tables in advance (with their help color blind people are brought to clean water). Although, of course, an experienced doctor will figure out any trick right away. If you wish. Only here the desire of our doctor, apparently, did not arise. The time spent on studying the tables was wasted - help was already given. After all, the money is paid!

We are far from thinking that in all forty centers and clinics we called, things are the same as where we turned. But still…


With an unhealthy face

You can, of course, praise the old times for a long time, when any medical examination, and even more so such an important event as obtaining help for the traffic police, was carried out seriously and responsibly (see above). You can scold our time when any clinic and skin and venereologic dispensary can easily get a license to organize a “driver's” commission (it is issued for five years and costs just a little more than 1 thousand rubles), then to “stamp” certificates - almost "fake". This is safer than faking money, but it’s much more profitable … So what remains - to cover all these near-medical shops and again build everyone who wants to receive certificates in one single queue? This is stupid, and hardly possible.