VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112

A set of driver's tool.

Hours - 4 hours.

The price of the electrocorrector is 750 rubles.

Headlight range control - an option, of course, convenient. Whether the car is loaded or empty, the headlights always shine where necessary. But those hydrocorrector that put on the "tens" are already very delicate. While new, they are working, and after six months they break. In our two years three sets failed. Buy the fourth - throw money, 170 rubles. Is it possible to install electro instead of hydro? It turned out, it is possible, and quite simple - it is mounted on regular places and is completely interchangeable with the "native".

We remove the handle and use the “24” wrench to unscrew the fastening nut of the control unit for the hydraulic corrector.

We take out the block through the hatch of the fuse box.

Instead, we insert the control unit electrocorrector.

We connect its positive drive through an additional fuse to terminal “6” of connector Ш2 of the mounting block. This will allow the electrocorrector to work with the dimensions turned on, dipped or main beam.

We take out the actuator of the hydraulic corrector …

… and install the electric drive in its place.

We lay power wires instead of hydraulic drive tubes. To do this, remove the sound insulation.

Using a screwdriver and a "10" wrench, unscrew the plastic cover …

… and take it off.

Remove the leashes of brushes.

Remove the plastic overlay of the air intake.

Unscrew the noise insulation screws of the front shield.

Remove the frill.

Having unfastened the rubber belt, we push back the glass washer reservoir and remove the noise insulation of the front shield.