Fedor did not have illusions regarding the “correct program of improvements” or “complex tuning”, and the managers of the now deceased Petersburg TRS studio did not try to convince him of the need for large-scale improvements. “We need a body kit, ” he said. “And cosmetic refinement of the engine and interior.”

However, he did not refuse chip tuning and a low-resistance filter. It seemed even a little … I changed the shafts, put a split gear, a throttle, a silencer Remus …

They didn’t think much of the box: the popular 18th row and the main pair 3.9 are a solution that is far from extreme, but optimal for urban traffic. Fedor did not want to do a racing car, and he did not bother him with a noticeable failure of traction after the third gear. In the lower gears, the dvenashka is moving briskly, and in the higher gears you can accelerate slowly.

The body kit, designed by TRS stylists based on the existing kits for the tenth family, closed the wheel arches. And Fedor wanted to put 16-inch wheels and ultra-low profile tires. Do not get up. And even the 15-inch Bridgestone constantly strove to catch flanging. I had to change to Yokohama with a lower profile (195 / 50R15). The owner of the Dvenashka set the disks not the most expensive, but very high-quality ones - the Aviatetekhnologiya brands, the best of Russia.

In the suspension - HR springs and the legendary Bilstein shock absorbers, pillow block bearings SS20. Driving has become sharper, however, the steering wheel is heavier.

Outwardly, 2112 has changed more than inside. Lightweight package of accessories from MOMO (no logos visible, but good): steering wheel and pedals, parking brake handle, gearbox handle. And on the exterior - an expensive styling kit, made to order in a single copy. Made of plastic.

The exact power obtained after tuning, Fedor was not interested - for him the main thing is that the car has become faster, more convenient and more beautiful. And the concept of “a car for oneself” means, in his opinion, absolute indifference to external evaluations.