Thus, the advertising message prepared for the start of sales of the Volkswagen-Point with a 1.8 liter engine could begin. By the way, we presented a car with a 1 liter engine in ZR, 2005, No. 2.



“Slender, stately, folding, with distinctly protruding muscles and a well-developed strong bone structure” is a brief description from the canine encyclopedia. Take a closer look at Poynter - you will find a lot in common. By the way, the initial configuration "Basis" involves only three doors. Want a five-door hatchback - choose a car more expensive.

This breed of dog, like most cops, has long legs. The car also stands high above the ground - a clearance under the 1.8-liter engine as much as 215 mm. The lowest point is the subframe cross member, however, it is also more than 170 mm before it. The engine protection will reduce the clearance a little more, without which it’s better not to go hunting anyway - a vulnerable radiator hose is located at the same height as the motor tray.


Poynters are found in one- or two-color, colors - from black to yellow-piebald. Their namesakes from the automotive world are plain, besides they cannot boast of a palette of bright colors. It is a pity that the variegation would benefit the typewriter, which predicted the image of youth. By the way, for representative black you will have to pay $ 78, a little more than a hundred are asked for metallic and almost three hundred for “mother of pearl”.


Poynter - a dog friendly, but brave. The car is also ready to stand up for a person. In the event of an accident, the driver and front passenger will be protected by height-adjustable belts and frontal airbags. The rear passengers will be protected by a pair of head restraints. Such an arsenal will be received by buyers of expensive configurations - in the “Basis” version such options were not provided.

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Possessing a long-stroke comfortable suspension, the car is nevertheless well-controlled. The steering wheel is facilitated by a power steering with intelligible feedback - by the way, in 1.8-liter cars it is included in the minimum configuration. The brakes are tenacious, and the informative pedal allows you to accurately dose the force. True, it is located much higher than the one that controls traction. You have to lift your leg to transfer from one pedal to another. Alas, ABS is not even in the list of options.


Despite the elongated shape, the mirrors did not please with a good overview - the cars on the right and left constantly fall into the dead zones. Do you prefer to sit taller? The ability to adjust the seat height is provided even to the owners of the "pointers" in the configuration "Basis". Commendable.


Poynter - the only short-haired pointing dog among the island (bred in the UK). The Poynter is the only small VW with a longitudinal motor. Like the 1-liter, the 1.8-liter engine fits freely under the hood, leaving the mechanics enough room to work. The well-proven unit that worked on the “golfs” and “trade winds” of the last century was modernized - they installed distributed injection, conjured with the settings, raising the power to hundreds of “horses”.

I remember my feelings from the trip on the liter "Pointer". Of course, an additional eight hundred “cubes” benefited. Traction has grown at low speeds - it is easier to get under way, easier to push in protracted traffic jams. Less often you have to change gears - the engine picks up already from 1, 500 rpm, and after two and a half it spins quite lively, leaving many classmates behind.


It is likely that at the start, the four-wheel Poynter, even with a 1.8 liter engine, will lose to the four-legged namesake. But he will soon catch up with any hound. However, with modern units, collecting from this volume two to three dozen more forces, it is difficult for a veteran to argue. On the other hand, not every classmate boasts such a thrust-weight ratio.

The new "heart" beats quieter than the liter modification - at speeds up to 100 km / h the engine is almost inaudible, then a bass voice begins to break out from under the hood. However, this noise does not put much pressure on the ears. Another thing is unpleasant - a tangible shake makes you know about starting the engine. At stops and low speeds, unpleasant vibrations run through the car. Somehow it’s wrong - it’s Volkswagen, albeit cheap.


Finally, a curious fact. Poynter is the most hardy car. He won such a title, setting three world records in competitions, where the reliability of the car was evaluated at distances of 5, 10 and 25 thousand km. The results were recorded by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Interestingly, did they give the medal?

Volkswagen Pointer

The first generation debuted in 1981; Today they release the third station wagon and hatchback. 3- and 5-door hatchbacks are delivered to Russia.

Engines : gasoline 1.0–2.0 l (65–112 hp), alcohol 1.0–1.6 (61–99 hp), diesel (64 hp). For Russia - 1.0 and 1.8 liters (65 and 99 hp).

Transmission : 5-speed manual.

What's in the box: Basis, Safety, Safety Plus.

Price: $ 9, 232–14, 100 .

Test car : 1.8 L, 99 HP, 5-speed manual gearbox, Safety equipment, $ 13, 344.


Volkswagen Pointer 1.8 - a big "heart", of course, benefited the car. New qualities better match the price.