Are two dozen satellites capable of keeping track of millions of cars (and there are still walking tourists with handheld devices, ships and planes …)? And in general, is the driver under the hood of the US military - satellites are something like their property?

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In fact, GPS satellites are not watching anyone and are generally only busy transmitting … accurate, very accurate signals, the error is about 10-15! - time. And the on-board navigator is just a radio receiver, the work of which, as you know, is not direction finding. Receiving these encoded and synchronized signals, the computer measures the difference in time of their arrival from several satellites and calculates the distance to each from this difference. And then, solving trigonometric equations, it determines the coordinates of the car in degrees, minutes and seconds of latitude and longitude.

However, the driver, unlike the captain of the yacht, does not need these coordinates - he would see “his typewriter” on the city map on the screen, so that he would know where and when to turn off without puzzling. To do this, lay in the navigator a detailed scheme with the designation of all driveways and road signs, precisely tied to the coordinates. Such DVDs are sold for countries and cities in Europe and America, but … just not for Russia. True, Moscow’s plans have already appeared, but their accuracy is on the order of 30 m, and this is not enough so as not to slip through the desired lane (see ZR, 2006, No. 2).