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Usually we build a motorcycle for six months, but the idea has ripened for a dozen years. At one of the first motorcycle gatherings at the antique competition, I saw the “crush” on the pre-war BMW R35 - when I heard how its “single-barrel” engine sounds, and saw the frame bouncing to the rhythm of working measures. Over the following years, he “shoveled” a bunch of opposites and even “Harley”, but this “boomer” did not go out of his head. Once an acquaintance said: he found a grandfather with a trophy BMW R35 in a “hole”. Of course, I grabbed my legs in my hands and flew to redeem him.


He was a deplorable sight. Someone twisted the frame, the wheels only vaguely resembled a circle, the fork irreversibly “ended”. But I was glad to find * To restore the motorcycle, it took three more of the same ones - they dug fragments from them in landfills and from friends, they independently made some parts. And still it was not possible to restore it. It’s for the best: to recreate antiques in their original form is not mine.

Someone will consider me nuts, but the look of the future bike was inspired by my beloved dog Young, Doberman, the classic “German”: narrow, slender, lean, there is nothing superfluous in the body. And ready at any moment to break loose, to make out. I also dreamed of a motorcycle. So there was a creative. To the cause!


Nothing would have happened without the brains of the main creator of our company, Alexander Shiryaev. Sanya, a superengineer, calculated the elements of the frame, drew up drawings, selected (and found) materials, worked out manufacturing technology.

Newfangled bent tanks, cut wings and dragster bells and whistles did not “stick” to the appearance of the chopper of “pure water” of old traditions - the beginning of the 70s: the apparatus should be very simple! So that the observer enjoys the harmony of proportions and the purity of lines. What is the most difficult thing in customizing.

Debut year -

manufacturer - Custom Art, Orekhovo, Moscow

construction and design - Alexander Shiryaev, Sergey Kuzakov

length -

base - 1560 mm

saddle height -

steering wheel height - 1060 mm

ground clearance -

gas tank volume -

engine - BMW R35 (1939) 4T, 340 cm3

exhaust - forward flow Custom Art

frame - from steel pipes Custom Art

fork - traverses Custom Art

feathers - Izh-Orion

front wheel - Custom Art,

tire - Michelin

rear wheel - Custom Art,

tire - Michelin

front brake - 1-disk Izh-Orion

rear brake - drum BMW R35, cable drive

tank, backrest, levers, handles, racks, accessories - Custom Art

Flashlight - Custom Chrome

painting - Alexey Fedotov