But what is not a problem for the majority is often an insoluble obstacle for them. But they are not discouraged, they are on a par with us …

Is it easy to drive for those with the “Disabled” sign on the glass? How comfortable is Moscow automobile for them? We decided to look at it through the eyes of Yuri Bausov, a candidate of philosophical sciences - one of those for whom a car is the only real opportunity to communicate with the world.

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The photojournalist and I did not plan much where we would go. Yuri himself proposed to "live", more precisely, to drive with him one ordinary day. In the morning on business, to work, then a short meeting in the center, lunch. Yes, and you need to refuel, because in the evening there was a trip out of town. The meeting was scheduled on Prospekt Mira. “You will recognize me right away, ” Yuri said by telephone. “I have Mitsubishi Karisma, gray, hand-operated.”


I sit in the "Karisma". The driver’s seat is equipped with special control levers (Yuri’s legs do not work), and so is an ordinary car, not too new. Go! Yura steadily steers onto the avenue, and we pour into the stream. Seamlessly, without disturbing anyone. “Yes, I’ve been driving for 30 years, and everything has been behind this, ” smiles Bausov. His hands are constantly moving: they have a double load. And you have to steer, and wield different levers, plus the usual switches … As if anticipating my question, he adds: “I would like a“ automatic ”box, but it costs a lot of money; Yes, and I'm used to the "mechanics". In the morning the situation on the streets of Moscow is a little nervous: everyone rushes to work. We passed Peace Avenue, we are driving along the Garden Ring. Yuri is being rebuilt very carefully. There is an explanation for this. “In such a stream, just have time to twist your head, but sometimes it’s hard for me. So I’m guided by the mirrors, I’ve calculated the trajectory of the rebuild in advance, ”the driver comments on his actions. Naturally, while we politely let everyone pass, we are completely rude to be cut off: “This is normal, I don’t even pay attention, ” Yura notes.

- And the sign on the glass? Really do not notice, do not understand that you can not always react sharply?

- In 35 cases out of a hundred, they understand. In the rest, no. Now just the driver was one of the last, - Yuri grins and adds: - I’m not offended, I’m used to it … The most difficult problem for me is not the scorcher, but finding a parking lot. It’s indecent, somewhere in Europe to take a place reserved for a disabled motorist, and the punishment is serious. We have … Yes, you will see now yourself!

Street Novy Arbat, the center of Moscow. There, Yuri Bausov has an appointment, but the partner is delayed. We decide to wait in the parking lot - it is strictly forbidden to loom near the sidewalk on the “government” highway. Naturally, at the entrance there is a poster “There are no benefits”, however, Yuri is a seasoned fighter, he always has ready extracts from laws, both federal and Moscow.


The security guard is about to open the barrier, but as soon as it comes to the fact that the client will not pay, he calls the older one. “We do not have a municipal parking lot, it is a private enterprise, therefore there are no benefits, sorry, ” the “elder”, apparently the head of the guard, memorizes. In response, Yuri cites the federal law “On the Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities” and shows extracts from it. Apparently, our presence with the photographer keeps the manager from strong expressions; and the law … the law, apparently, was not written for him. Throwing: "I must consult with the boss!", Disappears into the guardhouse. Meanwhile, the black “Lexus” was attached to the tail of “Karisma”. He stood for a couple of minutes (we blocked the entrance to the parking lot!), Could not stand it; the driver got out of the luxury car - and to the guard: "You let me in, and then deal with this disabled person." However, our car will not go round, and Yuri is determined to use his legal right. The owner of the Lexus is annoyed, the parking manager continues to call the authorities - or pretends? Hopes that a disabled person, caught between two fires, saves and leaves? “It’s always like this: we cause irritation, we disturb you, healthy ones, and any security guard sneezed under federal law, ” Yura calmly summarizes. - About the same picture in the parking lots at the stations. Once he insisted on his right, and the guards punched me for it. Now imagine how to change it if the legs do not work? ”

A quarter of an hour later we were graciously put into the parking lot - completely free! True, I suspect that the decisive role was still played not by the references to the law, but by the presence of correspondents, with whom they simply decided not to contact …

And soon a man came up who was waiting for Yuri, and after a short conversation we again travel around Moscow. Sometimes we are cut, somewhere let pass. By the way, Yuri himself lets everyone who asks about it, and not at all out of timidity: "It is necessary to help." That’s the whole philosophy of life, and it’s not that the driver is a candidate of philosophical sciences. Does a compatriot need to be in trouble in order to learn to understand other people and feel someone else's pain? Otherwise, no way?


Surprisingly, for all the time (we spent several hours in conditions of very heavy traffic), Yuri has never violated the Rules! It turns out that he learned to drive a car after he became disabled. “He was preparing to become a military pilot, but, as people say, “ broke ”. I had to learn to live anew. To start, I mastered the car. In fact, our country is not very adapted for disabled drivers. The same cars with manual control - there are practically none, and those that are are far from suitable for everyone. It's all very individual … And where to learn to drive? Have you heard at least once about specialized courses or driving schools? That's it … "Yuri himself drove a lot of domestic cars; alone on the "Zaporozhets" at one time crossed almost all of Russia. And a few years ago he moved to a used foreign car and is not overjoyed. “Well, what are you, this is heaven and earth! In US, a specially made manual control was installed on it for me, and now I feel like a man! Our cars often broke down, but I can’t get out, immediately open the hood and do repairs … "

During the day spent with Yuri Bausov, we were once again convinced that we live in our own world, more or less convenient for healthy people, and the problems of the disabled … In the end, these are their problems! How many of us thought about how a test for a disabled driver becomes an ordinary trip to a car service? Where and how should he eat on the road? Thanks to the good American uncles for setting up McDonald's restaurants in Moscow and other Russian cities, otherwise die from hunger! “I don’t speak about toilets for disabled people and ramps. Well, at least refueling stations appeared at the gas station, ”Yuri continues to tell. - And before, how? Drive up to the column and turn to other drivers: help refuel! And first of all, what do people think? “Yeah, how many you are begging in wheelchairs on the roads, so you also scramble here …“ So I always hold money in my hand so that they understand right away that I will pay for myself! ”


Under such a gloomy conversation we drive up to the gas station. Yes, there is a gas station, but it’s in Moscow, but try to drive off at least 150 kilometers, who will help there? “Help! - again, guessing my thoughts, Jura says out loud. - I say, in 35 percent of cases it is possible and necessary to live. And those remaining … People are different. "

“We don’t need to spare us, we don’t need any indulgences, ” Jura said soundly and calmly at parting. - If only those laws that are addressed to us, actually worked. To let into the same parking without conflicts. But seriously, the place for the disabled should be wider than the standard. To calmly go in and out, not afraid to damage the neighboring car. "

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In parting, Yuri firmly shook our hands and drove on - he had several more appointments. Together with his comrades, he decided this summer to drive from Moscow to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by car. He is going to prove: any person who has received a disability, if he correctly sets a goal, is able to overcome all obstacles and achieve it! After all, he was able to graduate from the institute, defend a dissertation, learn how to drive a car … To spite? Contrary to? Most likely - for yourself. Only we him (and others like him) in this aspiration so far do not really help …

PS In this issue we only touched on the most important topic - about what difficulties drivers with disabilities face. In future issues we are going to return to it.