And so, General Motors, BMW and Daimler-Chrysler announced the start of serial production of a universal hybrid powertrain in 2007.

In the new product, electric motors are fully integrated into the gearbox. Yes, not simple, but combined: it contains a certain electric analog of the CVT stepless variator, and four fixed steps. This miracle of modern EVT technology is called Electric continuously Variable Transmission, and the entire system as a whole is called a Two-Mode-Hybrid-System hybrid drive. Unlike the unit run on the Prius, this one allows you to almost perfectly select the operating mode for any conditions. In total, six options are provided: stepless mode for acceleration to second gear; stepless mode for further acceleration; driving in I gear with engine support by two electric motors or with energy storage during braking; riding in II gear with the support of one electric motor; riding on the III stage with the support of two electric motors; riding in IV gear with the support of one electric motor.

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in this intricacle of wires and gears without special preparation it’s hard …