The Daihatsu logo has already been forgotten in the Old World, where Kuore and the right-hand drive Kopen are officially selling rather sluggishly. And now - as if the Travis had come from the 60s and had a length of less than three and a half meters, which nevertheless had five doors. A wide-open “mouth” hints at a serious powertrain, but this is a hoax. There are only three cylinders and less than a liter of displacement. But who else is able to turn around on a street 8.8 meters wide? What about gas? “Travis” for a hundred does not need even five liters!

For a little car they ask from 10, 000 euros in the Junior version. At the same time, a power steering is provided in a machine weighing much less than a ton. Another thousand - and in "Travis" there will be a radio, air conditioning, ABS and a pair of pillows. Two - add a box - “automatic”.

Is Travis suitable for active city life? Well, if you have enough one and a half hundred kilometers per hour with acceleration to the first three-digit mark in 12 seconds - completely! But here you can make purchases for a week, perhaps, only together: otherwise the trunk will be too small.


Engine - gasoline; the number of cylinders, valves and working volume - 3x12x989 cm3; power - 43 kW / 58 hp at 6000 rpm; maximum torque - 91 N.m at 4000 rpm.

Transmission - front-wheel drive; gearbox - 5-speed manual.