JIANSHE JS50QT19, China Image Tired of a friend and I hustling in the subway - we decided to buy it on a scooter. And since they make a little money, they took what was enough - the Chinese "fifty dollars" Jianshe JS50QT19. We examined them for the first time - brilliance! They look quite modern, the engines start, the turn signals work. A friend bought red, I'm blue. We rode every day, rejoiced like children! But soon they remembered the reviews and warnings of friends: “Look, there are all kinds of Chinese.” On a friend’s scooter, problems started after 80 km of run. At first, the brake light connectors disconnected from the vibration. It turned out that the terminals were so poor in quality that they fell out of the joint. “Not scary!” - we thought at first. But when the engine mounts were bent, our indignation knew no bounds. The last straw of patience in a short, but replete with the troubles of living together with a red "Chinese", was the breakdown of the rear shock absorber, and it happened when driving a fairly ordinary pothole. As a result, the “tailgate” plastic broke and the tire rubbed along with the wing liner. I want to note that we did not carry passengers, and there is nowhere to put them. Against the background of all this, the absence of an air filter mounting bolt is nonsense. Total information:

dry weight -

wheelbase -

Max. power - 3.3 hp

power supply - carburetor

cooling - air, forced

launch - electro + kickstarter.

clutch - automatic, centrifugal

gearbox: variator

the main gear is a chain in an oil bath.

frame - tubular, steel, welded

front suspension - lever type

rear suspension - pendulum (engine-transmission unit), with spring shock absorber.

front -

back -