Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters

EUROLUX. It is unnecessary to praise goods from Europe: the reputation of companies that have been manufacturing scooters for decades speaks for itself. They have long become trendsetters, not only stylistic, but also technical. In addition, a whole industry of products for tuning these scooters is working in Europe, allowing both to improve the driving performance of the car "every day", and, moreover, turn it into an apparatus for racing. As for the price - it is adequate to the technical level of the product, and the level of comfort for the driver.

A huge selection of "fifty dollars" for various purposes is offered by the Italian concern Piaggio - under the brands Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Vespa and Piaggio itself. Utility machine buyers have the opportunity to choose between 2-stroke and 4-stroke versions, and the price difference is not that big. The term "utilitarian" in the application to Italian scooters should not be considered as a derogatory characteristic. Make sure when you look at the stylish Vespa LX50. You can order a special retro version - Vespa LXV50, it is made in the style of the 60s.

Scooters on wheels of large diameter are convenient and functional. The classic solution is the Piaggio Liberty 50 scooter. Like the Vespa, it can be ordered with either a 2-stroke Hi-Per2 engine or a 4-stroke Hi-Per4. A scooter on 12-inch Piaggio Fly 50 wheels is structurally unified with it.

The classic “scooter” classic scooter is Aprilia Scarabeo, extremely popular in Europe. The basic 50 cc model is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, the Street version is equipped with a 2-stroke engine.

Sports scooters are compact in size, rigid frames, high-class suspensions and forced motors. The popular Piaggio NRG is available in three versions: the DT version is equipped with a 2-stroke air-cooled engine and a rear drum brake (with front disc), the DD version is equipped with a 2-stroke liquid-cooled motor and disc brakes on both wheels, and the top model is DD PureJet, in addition - fuel injection.

Updated for the 2007 season, the Aprilia SR50R scooter is another typical representative of the sports tribe. A two-stroke liquid-cooled engine is installed in the steel space frame. The Factory version is equipped with a fuel injection engine.

The "exemplary" sports scooter Gilera Runner 50SP for many nodes, including a 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine, is unified with the Piaggio NRG model. But this car with an even more sporty character: a large "hump" between the saddle and the steering column indicates that the skeleton of the machine is a rigid spatial frame. The front wheel is a 14-inch. On the dashboard, the tachometer takes center stage. And the Gilera DNA model is completely likened to a scooter bike: the rear engine-transmission-suspension unit is connected to a steel diagonal frame and a motorcycle-type telescopic fork.

The Spanish model Derbi GP1 50 went even further along the path of splicing a scooter and a motorcycle: its engine is rigidly fixed in a diagonal aluminum frame, the transmission to the rear wheel with a chain. Since this technical solution turned out to be very expensive to manufacture (and the unsprung mass of a 50-cc power unit is not so small), the company recently launched a version of Derbi GP1 Open with a traditional scooter layout.

Apart from the Piaggio range are two more distinctive models. Piaggio Typhoon - a scooter of a rare off-road type, on chubby 10-inch tires. Aprilia Mojito 50 Custom is a representative of an even rarer category of scooter choppers. Both cars are equipped with 2-stroke air-cooled engines.

Piaggio's attack on our market from the West is supported by another Italian company - Malaguti with its F10 WAP scooter. It has been produced for many years, but the simple design of the device, coupled with a successful timeless design, still finds fans (of which the price is one of the cheapest scooters for us from Europe). The large-wheel Malaguti Ciak Master offers the buyer a choice of two types of engines: 2-stroke and 4-stroke. Representatives of the sports tribe F15 FireFox and F12 Phantom are equipped with 2-stroke engines, and in two versions: air and liquid cooling. This season, an updated version of the F12 Phantom model will enter the market - with 13-inch wheels and wave-shaped brake discs.

The carriers of the Japanese name 50-cc Yamaha, which are sold in our market, are also of European production. On 12-inch wheels, the Jog RR (CS50Z) is not without sporting charm, it is equipped with a 2-stroke engine with a liquid cooling system. The same engine and a larger, 13-inch wheels, model Aerox (YQ50).

Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters

GIFTS OF THE EAST. Scooters made in South Korea and on the island of Taiwan occupy an intermediate position between products from the “developed” motorized powers and developing China, which is called the golden mean. Even if they do not sparkle with the design against European and Japanese models, and technical solutions, with few exceptions, are quite conservative. But the workmanship is more than decent, and the prices are just a balm for the soul.

Taiwanese CPI Oliver 50 is a simple, uncomplicated design machine equipped with a 2-stroke air-cooled engine. The embodiment of its development is a much more elegant CPI Aragon 50, flaunting a “two-story” halogen headlamp and direction indicators on LEDs. Modification of the CPI Aragon 50GP is characterized by the fact that it has a forced engine, a gas-filled shock absorber of the rear suspension, and an instrument panel with a liquid crystal display. Standing apart is the CPI GTR50 scooter bike - its engine-variator-suspension unit is connected to a spatial steel frame of a motorcycle type.

Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters Скутеры класса 50 смз 50 smz class scooters 50 smz class scooters Скутеры класса 50 смз