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Oh, how our "middle class" loves all kinds of parties, presentations, exhibitions, forums and other gatherings where you can show yourself! That is why any meeting of more or less wealthy citizens invariably turns into a vanity fair. On November 27, the annual Millionaire Fair opened in the Russian capital. An event for the Moscow beau monde from the category of must attend: if someone from the first hundred Forbes does not light up in front of the cameras, the "colleagues" in the financial Olympus will not understand. But besides them, mid-level managers and simple onlookers also seek such events. It's funny to watch the famous newsmaker side by side with insecure teenagers who came to gawk at the model girls and drink “for free”. Millionaire Fair is a real find for erotomaniacs: there is so much naked flesh that even the most tolerant begin to blush. And all this - legally, for show and with pathos. She takes pride: stock indices are falling, but here is a real oasis, where it’s even awkward to recall the crisis …

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Among the stands with jewelry, yachts, layouts of villas and other "excesses" there are a lot of automotive goodies. So, this year GM (with Cadillac and HUMMER), Infiniti, Pininfarina, Volvo and several dealers representing piece goods came to the exhibition.

Показ мод для собак на стенде GM Fashion show for dogs at the GM stand Fashion show for dogs at the GM stand Volvo XC 60 Volvo XC 60 Volvo XC 60

HUMMER H2 - outwardly the same, but much more friendly from the inside. The black giant stood as if “on the outskirts” of the stand, and the main attention was tried to attract the burgundy Cadillac CTS sedan and the snow-white Escalade all-terrain vehicle, both on huge exclusive wheels from LACoonection. CTS - from any angle is good, but with such a "shoe" has become even more beautiful. However, this was not the most memorable thing at the GM booth: while on the main stage there was a fashion show from one famous Moscow "fashion trio", GM lured the audience … dog shows! Our lesser brothers appeared in dresses from famous designers, and this technique worked: there were much more photographers around the “shaggy models” than in front of the main stage.

Volvo XC60 Volvo XC60 Volvo XC60 Volvo C70 Volvo C70 Volvo C70

Infiniti attracted people with the contrast of twilight, fluorescent lighting and light cars. The main exhibit here is the FX 50 S crossover. Judging by the length of the line, just to sit inside, it has a bright future in our market.

The Volvo booth could boast only one novelty - the compact crossover XC 60. But it was lost against the background of the painted C70 convertible, the latter gathering crowds of onlookers around itself. And for dessert, Volvo released on the stand the main characters of the new musical Beauty and the Beast; and there was no end to those who wished to “click on the background.”

Pininfarina brought a Hyperion convertible, built privately on the basis of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. He literally suppressed his massiveness. Of course, it’s not as “square” as the prototype from Great Britain, but all the same, the dimensions cannot be called “bold”. An inconspicuous stand in the corner of the pavilion attracted not only ordinary mortals, but also well-known representatives of show business and the highest ranks of the financial world. Who knows, maybe something similar will appear in Russia soon?

But Caterham, perched on the outskirts, did not cause much excitement. Perhaps the reason for this is incorrect positioning? In Europe, this brand is well known among fans of "concentrated" sports cars - the direct successor to Lotus Super Seven is still ultralight (curb weight on average about half a ton), well-armed (in some versions, engine power reaches up to 500 hp) and completely devoid of comfortable components - a cockpit for two, a complete lack of safety electronics, only mechanical gearboxes … But they can hardly be called "toys of millionaires" - in Europe, Caterham prices on average range from 40 to 70 thousand dollars, that is, cars for Feet even for the middle class. And accustomed to comfort "nouveau riche" rarely pay attention to such ascetic cars, no matter how fast they are.

Левон Оганезов Levon Oganezov Levon Oganezov

In general, the exhibition made a strange impression: the dominance of luxury goods was side by side with complete confusion in the parking lot, countless half-naked beauties with empty glasses placed everywhere … But it finished one thing: an incomprehensible stand with a patriotic tricolor against the background in front of which it played on a simple synthesizer Levon Oganezov. The maestro also demonstrated “aerobatics” on such an instrument, but it’s right, it’s unusual to see such honored people in the role of advertising “lures”. But on the other side of the pavilion, the favorite of the “golden youth” Timati advertised his new night school, and he had a full house. There was no promised super popular Katy Perry, instead a jazz singer tried to entertain the audience. Toward night, the pavilions were empty, and only the tipsy couples created at least some movement.

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