The annual mileage of 16, 200 km was taken as the basis for calculating the maintenance of the machine …

Based on this figure, we calculate the cost of maintaining "Ford" for individual items of expenditure.

Gasoline consumption is 15 liters per 100 km, oil consumption is 5% of the gasoline volume.

At Casco risk for damage and loss of the car, etc. The annual expense is expressed in the amount of 2% of the cost of the car, that is, 1300 rubles * 0.02 = 26 rubles.

On civil liability risk (CTP) - 140 rubles. in year.

The number of tax forces of Ford is 10.8. Based on half a year, 8 rubles. for strength and 2 rubles. for the car number, we get 90 rubles. in half a year or 180 rubles. in year.

Do not rush to resent the rates, this is not just about a Ford, but a Ford-A car. An article about the costs of maintaining your own Ford-A was published in our magazine in 1928. You can see her completely here.

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